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Mother's Day and being transferred...

 May 11, 2018

 * Sorry, this is so late in posting! I receive my son, Elder Pendletons letters and then I upload them here onto his blog. It has been a very crazy, busy few weeks... trying to catch up. ; )

So, yeah, todo trunky this week again, seriously trunky, Haha! I have just been so excited about all the things I am going to do after I leave the mission office this week, Haha. I was pretty sad not to leave the office yet, and to be honest, I cant say if I am leaving this week either, no one has told me anything. I don´t like having something dangling on a string above me and it is just out of reach and I know it is there and they say yeah this week you get it, and then you don´t and then you're just left waiting, not knowing if you stay one more week or three. Well, anyway, as far as the Mother´s Day call goes I would like to do it at 4 o´clock Argentina time, I am not sure what time it will be there in Utah. Elder Slade one of my former companions is traveling the whole mission with Elder Tuttle and then he goes home in 3 weeks.  We made a lot more food this week. I will send pics of all of it. I will tell Elder Harris that you said to put Dulce de Leche on his Alfajores, they are so good that way.

That is so cool you all went out to geocache together. I really want to go! The picture of my ancestor reminded me, that a new thing that they are doing in the mission is that we are using pictures of our ancestors to teach about the plan of salvation and I would like you to send some pictures of Grandpa and Grandma Pendleton and Grandpa and Grandma Gagon. Good ones, so that I can print them and use them when I teach the people. That is awesome that you saw Rylan when you were out geocaching. He wrote me last week and said that he was planning a Jeeping trip, soon.  Thinking about that just made me super trunky! I remember when I used to wake up at like 4am in the morning to go with Coleton in his Jeep and we would go to five-mile-pass in the freezing cold with the hard top off and I would be in the back with a bunch of blankets on me, Haha. I miss that so much Haha

I can´t wait to talk to you all on Mothers Day!

So, anyway, this week I went on divisions in a couple of different areas. I went out to Puerto Tirol and also to Barrio 4 to help the Elders out there. We have gone out and worked a lot more this week. I have talked with G. a bit through texting and I shared my testimony with him and a scripture that I like, to help him to realize that baptism is necessary, but he seems like he is just losing interest, but Angelo the 9-year-old kid weve been teaching just needs like one more lesson and then he can be baptized, so lets hope we can get him in that font!   

But, anyway, I might sell my watch to Elder Bustinza because I have two of them. I know he really likes the watches that I have. Just so you know I got my debit card this week, so go ahead and activate it. Anyway, I have been pretty bored this week, but it has been nice to sit and read the scriptures more this week. I am currently in Alma 13.

I can´t wait to just go out and make my life great instead of waiting for good things to happen. I need to learn to do that with missionary work too. I guess I just realize that I am so lucky to live where I do, and I am so lucky to have you all as my family. My love for all of you has grown so much out here. It will be easier to really appreciate the things I have when I get back, and instead of being lazy watching TV,  I will be out making my life great.  Not a perfect week this week, at all, but It has been really relaxed and all though nights in the pension with all of the other elders are far from spiritual, being in my office with Elder Harris reading the scriptures has been nice.

I love you and miss you so much!!! You are a great mom, and I can feel your love from miles away! See you on Sunday!!!!!!  (Mothers Day)

Elder Nate Pendleton

(Nate was transferred! He is so happy to get back out into the field! He sent this note to us.)

Hey, so President said I could write you a really quick note to let you know where I am going in the mission. So for three weeks, I will be companions again with Elder Afane and we are going all the way down to a place called Esquina, Corrientes. It is a super cool place and I am excited to go. Then after three weeks being assigned there we will both be leaving Esquina to go to our actual assigned areas. Love you!

Mother's Day phone call...

 My Ancestor Joshua Pendleton a Blacksmith...

Saying Goodbye to the wonderful Gomez family...
They were so wonderful, they take such great care of the missionaries in Resistencia!

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