Monday, June 11, 2018

Youth Activity for Argentina's Revolution Day...

Still Catching up posts May 28, 2018...

Hey Everyone,

So, yeah, we celebrated the 25th of May, Argentinas Revolution Day (kind of like our Independence Day in America) with an activity with all of the youth that are here in the Esquina group.  There were no fireworks for the celebration though, it is just a really chill holiday. The people in the picture that I sent to you are people from the Amaro family, they are a huge family of members here in Esquina. They give us food like three times a week. They are really funny!

The people we have found, some are progressing and some no. We usually have two or three investigators in church every Sunday, which is good, so that is way better than in Puerto. I had to speak in church again this week. There are literally, no other people to give talks except the youth and the missionaries. There are like three adults in church and there are like 15 young women and a few young men. Haha. So our activity that we had on Friday was really fun. We went down to the river and we ate sandwiches and cookies and soda and we played UNO.  It was a photography activity so I taught them the rules of photography and we went around the river area taking fun pictures. I got some fun model pics of me just messing around. Haha! I can´t wait to be able to do some photography work when I get back. I also yo-yoed for some of the kids that were there and they loved it! The sunset was amazing. I will send you the photos that I took of it. The one with the boat that I am sending you could be on a postcard, I think. Also, this week was the celebration of Santa Rita, so pretty much the entire city was at the river, and they had a bunch of booths set up and we went there and I bought a really nice knife for dad for a lot cheaper than I could find anywhere else because the prices were lowered for the celebration.     

I got this really cool Palo Santo sculpture of Jesus face made by this lady in Esquina. It is one of a kind. I finally found the Argentina jersey that I wanted also.      

It has been a good week, yeah mom, I have to clean the sand out of my shoes sometimes. Haha!. It has also been pretty cold here, but it has warmed up a little. Yeah, 40 degrees outside with cold showers inside sucks but just one more week and then Ill be in my new area. Yeah, so Elder Keicher and Moore are really fun. I have hung out with them all day, today, buying stuff and we also ate pizza with them and also with the Hermanas. There is a chance that I might be called to serve in Goya to be Moores new companion, but I am not sure. I wouldn’t mind serving here. Goya is nice. It is like a big version of Curuzú Cautia, but with more to do. It is known for its catfish fishing or Surubí as they call it in Spanish. Lots of gaucho stuff here, and there is a huge cathedral in the main plaza that is beautiful. 

So, other things from this week, lots of sand walking and lots of just typical struggles in the mission ya know, because it is not easy, the mission. I am super excited for the multizona tomorrow, though. We leave from Goya to Corrientes capital. We have met a lot of less active people this week and I have come to the conclusion that something really bad happened here, and it destroyed the branch down here. All of the members are like traumatized by the something that happened. There was a lot of fighting between the members. I am really glad I am a member in Utah. I am so lucky to have a united family and so much support around me in the church. I love the church and it is sad to see that the actions of the members can make it impossible to have the church in some areas, but luckily it was brought back about a year and a half ago and now we are here rebuilding it after 10 years of the area being closed.  

 I like all of the wetland areas here. It is really weird to see cows in the swamps with all of the palm trees and everything, Haha! The sand sometimes is like a foot deep in some areas Haha! Esquina is a fun little city!  

My studies have been good still. I am in Alma 58 already. I have cruised through Alma. I love the Book of Mormon so much. It is so hard to read anything else, Haha! I have written in my journal everyday since I got back out into the field also.  

That is crazy that they sent all of the missionaries out of Nicaragua. That is right next to El Salvador where Elder Afane is from. He says it is pretty bad there right now. So sad. : (

 I hit my 18-month mark in July! Pretty crazy!

Elder Nate Pendleton

Pictures of the Youth Photography Activity and more pictures of Esquina...


Argentina's number 1, got my Argentina jersey before the World Cup!


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