Monday, June 25, 2018

Looking back, ward talent show, World Cup and a Word of Wisdom lesson...

June 18, 2018

Hey Everyone,

         I look back to Curuzu Cautia my first area, and I think man, I have come a long way! I cant believe that I have been here in Argentina for so long. All of the experiences that I have had are amazing. I love the mission. I have had struggles, trials and disappointments, but I have also had many blessings, it has all been good.

         I hope Fathers Day was good for you dad!   

 So, yeah I performed for the ward talent show and all the kids loved it and the members did too. A lot of the members wanted to film me afterward to post it on Facebook. Haha. The pension is better now but still needs a lot of work.

         I fasted yesterday and today for help with the mission and for my investigators.  

         I am glad you got my car out and got to see Zane and Miranda and Max. Have fun watching the world cup, I wish we could watch it but cant. Things are crazy down here with all of the World Cup stuff happening. It is hard to find people to teach. I can`t believe Germany lost to Mexico. The Argentines were happy about that one, though. Haha. and Sweden won today, so that is good.  I wish we could play more soccer here. I am going to play a lot more when I get back home.

         So, things that happened this week was that this drunk dude came up to us in a lesson and started bothering us. He gave me 3 hugs, Haha, and he kept trying to sell us his Mandioca plant. It is like a root that they eat here to get high. He is like, Hey, buy this Mandioca from me and he opens the front of his pants and pulls this bag of Mandioca out of them, and I was trying not to laugh. The dude said he liked my eyes, Haha. He started to grab the arm of the girl we were teaching, she said, let go and then she just went into her Kiosko (business) and locked the door. I ended up giving him a nickel from the states to get him to go away. It was a good lesson though because it was a Word of Wisdom lesson and it so happens that the girl we were teaching was 16 and she drinks, It was an example of Why not to get involved in stuff like that in the first place. It is so sad to see that even really young people are involved in things like that.

         As for the work, C. has almost quit smoking and should be baptized this Saturday, hopefully. Pray for her! We also found another investigator that is for sure a baptism. We will see how things go with her.

Well, I love you all!

Elder Nate Pendleton

On the border...

Various pictures of the Clorinda area...

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