Monday, June 11, 2018

So crazy week! Esquina is beautiful!

 Still catching up.... this post is from May 21, 2018

So, crazy week!. Esquina is beautiful! We were sent here to help the other elders in this area Elder Cortes and Elder Maru, and then Elder Afane and I will be staying on here for another two weeks and then we will be leaving to go to our own new areas. It is hard sharing the area with two other elders, but it is a really good city to teach in. We have found 15 new people to teach this week and 4 of them have baptism dates! It is really easy to teach here. It is a small group that is not a ward or even a branch yet.

All the streets here in this town are made of sand so it is fun to walk around in the streets. I feel like I am on a beach working here it is awesome! It is such a nice little city. It is by a big river and it is so pretty. I really like Esquina. The pension is big, but the shower is broken so there is no hot water, which sucks because it is sooo freaking cold here! I have been dying all week! Haha! It is really far down south here in the mission, so that is why it is so cold. But anyway, I have met some awesome families and people and I am just getting back into the rhythm of teaching. I have been able to read so much in the Book of Mormon since I got here.  

It is a chill town so cameras are fine to use in the streets. The culture is not like normal Corrientes culture, there are nicer people here, but there are still gauchos and stuff.

So, this week I have experienced loading my suitcases into the truck as we got ready to go down to Esquina while it was down pouring rain, I put garbage bags over them to keep them dry.   Things went fine with the trip but I have been a little anxious being so far away from the office. It is weird, I feel like I just left the MTC again almost, Haha! Kind of like the office was my home and now I am out on another mission, so I feel a little bit further from all of you back home. I miss you all a little bit more now. I am fine though, its a normal feeling.

So here in Goya and in Esquina there are a lot of cool souvenirs to buy. I am looking to get some more stuff, but don´t worry I won´t go to crazy with the money. There are a lot of things you can´t get in other parts of the mission and I only have one more p-day in this area and I don´t know where I will be sent to next.  I can´t wait until I can get settled into my real area.

This last Sunday I had to speak in church. I have done a lot of missionary work so far in Esquina. It is back to the same old out in the field. I am so glad to be back out teaching. I will miss the Gomez family, back there in Resistencia, they were awesome! Coolest members in Barrio 1, for sure.

So anyway I feel pretty happy out here in the field. I am all over the place trying to do things in the short time I have down here.

I was able to get right back into the routine it is nice to feel like a missionary again. I am doing my best to take advantage of it and the members and people here are all really nice.  

That is cool that you watched the rededication of the Jordan River Temple. Yesterday, some members, the Amaro family, made this mix of a bunch of food and the tradition that they have here is to dump the food on the person whose birthday it is. We were there for Elder Cortes´ birthday and they dumped it all over on him! It had and noodles and milk and charcoal and pizza sauce and a ton of other stuff in it! Haha! Some weird traditions down
here. I will send a few more pictures of the drive down. We do a lot of work for the group in the church down here, the missionaries basically have to run everything here. More stories to come next week,

 So, final words this week. P-day was good today. We made tacos with Elder Moore and Elder Keicher and with Hermana Hall and Hermana Todd. We also we ate some waffles today with ice cream. We played board games and we have also been buying food at the Chinese supermarket. 

It has just been a good week being back out in campo. I feel like I am doing what a missionary should be doing and I am re-learning how to speak to people about the gospel instead of just speaking normal office stuff. The sandy streets are so much fun, you could Baja Rally around this town.  

Miss you all,
Elder Nate Pendleton

Pictures of Esquina...

The Amaro Family, Elder Cortes Birthday Dinner...

Our Pension (Apartment)

View out the front of our apartment...

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