Saturday, August 19, 2017

Transfers, Staying in Formosa, New Companion, New Assignment...

Hey, Everyone,

The song we have been practicing to sing is going well.  I will post a video of us practicing it.

This last time, we opened all of our emails together so we could see where everyone is going. I am staying here in Formosa, but I am going to get to train a new missionary!!! And I am also a District Leader!!!! I am super excited, but pretty nervous at the same time because these are the two hardest jobs in the mission. We are going to see how that goes! I go to pick up my new companion, a new elder to the mission, tomorrow. I am with Elder Fernandez right now waiting to go down to Resistencia, so that is exciting. Elder Hopkins was definitely the best companion I have had on the mission. He is such a good worker and he is so nice. He is going to go be a Zone Leader in Resistencia.

This week has been really good. Unfortunately, A, wasn’t able to come to church on Sunday because the rain was crazy and because there was a lot of mud. A, is really gaining a testimony. (A, contacted my mom through Facebook messenger. A, lost her 18-year-old son in a motorcycle accident in March and my mom who has experienced loss at the death of 2 of her sisters and also her mother and father, were able to talk to each other about grief and loss and also about the Plan of Salvation.) Mom, the day after you talked to her she was like telling us that she read anti-Mormon stuff online but she
didn´t believe what it said and she told us that her life has improved like crazy since we started teaching her. Keep talking to her! She loves to hear from you. A, is such an amazing person. She absolutely loves us! Haha! She told us we were two little angels that came to find her. I told her that right before we found her we said a prayer in the street and then we found her right away after that prayer, it was awesome! I was feeling really down that day and I was sick and I didn´t want to be out contacting, but we found our best investigator that way.

M, the guy who had the stroke is doing good and the other M (the guy who was trying to get off drugs) keeps texting us and saying that we can´t come by because he is not going to be there, so we just need to pass by and “surprise” him! I hope he is okay. C, I don´t know, we need to figure things out with him.

 A, had us over for lunch this week and fed us some awesome empanadas, after that though, a big storm rolled in and it started hailing! Those hail stones were huge! They had all these spikes coming off of them!

 Also, this week Elder Afane and Elder Pedernera came to stay with us in our pension for a day and so we got to go on splits with them and it was super fun. They are two of my favorite Elders to work with here in the mission.

We also saw the monkeys up in the tree again and I was able to get a good picture of one this time. I am also sending a picture of the Acosta Family, he works with metal and we like to talk about cars and stuff. They are awesome!

We had a super fun district meeting this week. It was great because they had food and ice cream there this time! We also cleaned our pension up even more and it looks way better! We threw away so much stuff that wasn´t needed. It is sooo much better!

I had to say goodbye to a great companion, Elder Hopkins, but I will be going to get my new companion tomorrow!

Thank you all for being awesome!


Elder Nate Pendleton

(* The initials of his investigators are used instead of their full names to hopefully keep their names private on social media.)

Video of us singing...  sorry it's not great quality because of download speeds in Argentina...

At practice...

Lunch at A's...

Crazy Hailstones....

Splits with Elder Pedernera... 

Monkey in a tree...

Acosta Family...

District Meeting fun!

Ice Cream!!!

Elder Hopkins, Elder Sheehan and I...

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ammon is just the coolest!!!!

 Hey, Everyone!

             Sorry, I haven´t written in a while but I am still alive! Haha. Anyway, things are good here and we have a lot of investigators to teach right now so that is always good. A, didnt come to church this Sunday, but C did! He is located out of our teaching area but we have been given special permission to go and teach him. He still wants to be baptized!

            So excited for A, she is a wonderful investigator and is planning to get baptized at the end of the month.

            We also found this awesome dude to teach named M. He had a stroke a few years back so his eyes face in opposite directions and he doesn't remember a ton but he wants to be baptized and he is progressing a lot! He lives about as far out as you can go in our area. It is so far away, but he is awesome, and he always wears this super beat up Carpincho hat! Haha!
He didn't come to church this week because someone was coming to fix his truck so maybe he will come next week.

             Also, we started teaching that guy that offered us Marijuana because he said he wants out of the drug life. He also can´t be with his kids anymore because of his addiction. We found out that his dad and uncle, who he lives with, are members but they drink and don´t come to church anymore. We had an insane lesson with them the other day. His dad had been drinking and was drunk, he kept talking down his son M. M was crying and he was also super high on marijuana too. He was (is) absolutely being torn apart by his addiction. He tried to kill himself a few days ago, so we are doing everything we can to help him. It was pretty crazy!

          We will also be singing in the Formosa Stake choir, the choir is composed of members and missionaries! We are singing, The Spirit of God and it should be pretty good. I don´t know when we will be performing it. It is fun though and it gives me a nice break on Sunday nights.

         Also, the last thing is that we get so many people that give us compliments on our eyes and there are so many girls that just sit there and stare and giggle at us! Haha. They are always like Woah, Chicos Lindos! (Woah, Beautiful Boys!) Haha! It is pretty funny, Haha!

            As far as transfers go we have to wait until Sunday to find out who stays and who goes. Elder Hopkins is awesome and I will miss him as my companion. I am pretty sure he will be leaving next week. This week I have read a lot in the Book of Mormon and that is really the best book ever written. I don´t like to read, but I do love reading the Book of Mormon. I just finished Alma 27. I loved the last couple of chapters, it was Ammon just celebrating in all the success that they had on their missions. Ammon is just the coolest!

            I hope all is well back home. I would love to hear from all of you!!! If you write me, I will make it a priority to write you back! Anyway, so the language is going well. We walk a ton down here! Haha. I miss driving and my feet are killing me, but it will just make it that much better when I get to drive when I get back home. Anyway, That is pretty much it. Thanks for the support that you all give me!

 Chau Chau! 
 Elder Nate Pendleton

 Pic of me by a mysterious gate out in the middle of nowhere...

Picture of Me and C

A panorama pic of wild Formosa...

Elders and Sisters singing in the Formosa Stake Choir

A cool license plate a guy down here gave to me...


Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Day of the Pioneer!!!!

Hey, Everyone!

Happy Day of the Pioneer!!!!!!!!!!

            We are going to celebrate the day by eating lots of Alfajores!  This week has been sooooo much better! I'm so much happier this week. I really have been trying to be a happy missionary and trying to show my love for the people down here in Argentina.

            We finally had an investigator in church this week!!!!!!!!!!! A, came!!!!! She is so awesome,   I also took a nighttime landscape photo behind A´s house. On Saturdays it is burn all your garbage day!!! Haha! It was sooooo gross trying to take the picture, but worth it! We also went on divisions this week and we went to a place called Nuevo Formosa. It is a government neighborhood and all the houses there look the same. The work is improving a lot and we are working very hard. I think things are going a lot better.

            So, we saw like 8 monkeys up in this tree the other day!!!! There was a mom with a baby monkey on its back. There was also a big black one, and they were climbing around using their tails and stuff. It was awesome!!!  It is something most other missionaries wont get to see on their missions here.

             Also, there was this crazy dog fight we were a part of!!!!! This dog started fighting with this other dog and the owner was like screaming and hitting the dog and pulling on its tail to get it to stop attacking the other dog. The two dogs had their jaws locked on each others faces. There was sooooo much blood!!! Elder Hopkins started pulling on the tail of one of the dogs and I was going to kick the other dog to get it to stop fighting because that is just what you need to do down here in Argentina, but I didn´t want to offend anyone, so I didnt end up doing it. Fortunately, some bystanders ran up and started soccer kicking the dogs, crazy hard to get them to stop fighting. Then another dog got involved and started attacking and so the other hurt dog left and the other two dogs started fighting! They finally got them separated! It was the craziest thing I have ever seen! Haha! There was blood everywhere!  

Also, today we cleaned our pension (apartment) like crazy. I had to tie a t-shirt around my face to not breathe in all the mold dust and paint chips. We sprayed all of the mold with bleach to kill it. It is so much better now!

 Thank you very much for all your support and love! The Church is True!


Elder Pendleton  

  Nighttime Landscape photo behind A's house

Saturday Garbage Burning

Nuevo Formosa - Government Housing

Divisions during the week

"The Last Supper" display here in Formosa

Cleaning the Pension...

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

New President, Zone Conference

The new president Elder Alejandro S. Patanía, is awesome and the Multi-Zona was the best one I have had so far! It was probably because I could finally understand everything that was being said. The new president gets things done but nothing much in the mission has really changed yet. Elder Afane is awesome! He and I are pretty good friends and I’m also good friends with Elder Pedernera.

            The blisters on my feet kept on coming this whole week because of all the walking, but all of them are finally healed up, so things are good now. This week I was better at trying to be Christlike, but I have felt really down in the dumps this week. We still couldn´t get anyone to come out to church. A almost came to church, but she didn´t want to come without a friend, so we need to find her a friend. A is awesome! She reads and prays and she will probably go to church next week! We also found this family and we taught them about the Restoration and then they asked us something about the Plan of Salvation and we told them that we were going to teach them about that next time, and they were like “No, we can´t wait!” so we taught them about that too! We were in their house for like 2 hours, Haha! They are awesome!  

             I am getting better everyday with the language and it isn´t really much of a problem anymore. My Spanish is better than in the video that Sister Salto took too!( posted below) I wish you could hear how good it is! I actually can speak pretty well now. We always have people tell us: “Ustedes son muy lindos con sus ojos claros.” or they say, “Todos los Mormones tienen pelo rubio y son guapos tambien” Haha!. (You are very handsome with your clear eyes”, or they say, “All Mormons have blond hair and are handsome too! Haha!) I am really glad that Elder Hopkins is my companion. We work well together.This week we boiled the fish heads, and boy did they stink! The Piranha teeth we wanted out of them turned out way better than we thought they would. We also finally got our water heater fixed and now I can take a hot shower!  

            Brother Horner is going to be an awesome Bishop!!!  His councilors will do great too!
 Will you tell Bishop Anderson, thank you for helping me so much! The new fridge that you got looks awesome!  I am glad you got to go to a car show! I love how cars can bring people together. I compliment people’s cars down here to start conversations with them when we are out contacting them about the Gospel, Haha!  Wow, that is awesome that, that guy that you had just barely met there handed you a twenty-dollar bill to give to me for my mission. I can’t believe how nice some people can be! I am also glad that you saw and talked with Rylan’s family there too!

   Thanks for all your support. This week went by so fast I didn´t take many pics, but I will try and send more next week.  Love you all!

Chau Chau!
Elder Nate Pendleton

Video of me and my companion speaking Spanish...


  My District...

Elder Afane and Elder Pedemera at Zone Conference...

My front door...

My Piranha Teeth...

Monday, July 10, 2017

Listening to the Spirit...

 Hey, Everyone,

The work has been good this week it started with us getting a call that we needed to go to Resistencia.We were there for two days to do paperwork and we also have to go back there tomorrow after the Multi-Zone conference. I will also get to meet the new Mission President, tonight. This week we couldn´t go to see A, our investigator because she lives far away and the buses weren´t running because of the Argentinian Independence Day holiday. At the beginning of the week, I walked so much that my left foot had six blisters on it and the right one had four. We used the buses, but still, my feet got destroyed. We have been struggling to get any investigators to commit to anything. We find good people, but they just want to listen to the word of God, but they tell us before and after we teach them, that I am Catholic and I will not change. At least we are planting seeds.
I don´t know how much more clearly we can teach the people, but this week I am just going to teach them with more love and just ignore the excuses. The members of the church here are awesome though, and they all have great testimonies. We still get to teach in church every Sunday. This mission experience really makes me want to work hard in the future to accomplish my dreams. I am sick of hearing things like you can´t do it, but I am going to do it, and one day I hope to be able to preach with such power that everyone I teach will want to get baptized!

            On our Independence Day, July 4th we were traveling to Resistencia, and the 9th of July (Argentinas Independence Day) was the worst day ever because everyone was drinking and listening to crazy loud music and no one wanted to talk with us. Im so glad the family was able to get together for the 4th.

            This week I did have one experience with the Spirit. We were planning as we usually do and we had some names written down to go visit that day. I had a prompting to switch the names to a different order so we changed them, we went to one of the people and he wasn´t home, I felt like we needed to contact the house at the end of this little alleyway we were in, so we went down there and we found this awesome lady who let us in and we taught her a great lesson. We had almost turned around and walked out of the alley and I don´t know if we would have found her if we wouldn´t have gone to the other guy's house first, so that was a cool experience.  I do my best to feel the spirit, I just need to work even harder I guess. I feel like we are the most obedient missionaries in the entire mission. One of these days someone will want to progress and get baptized. I do love the people here it is just hard sometimes being the weird kid in church clothes all the time! I love you all!

Silly face with my companion... We call this the Shenanigan McFlanigan face (It's a Pendleton Family inside joke...)

Standard of Truth

My Pension

A picture Sister Salto sent to my mom on Friday.

Elder Nate Pendleton