Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A baptism, the World Cup and a Multizona coming up...

         Yeah, the pension is looking a little better now, the bathroom still smells but it’s all right. The zone leaders pension is the best pension in the mission, so I don`t think they will be jealous of ours Haha! Changomas is like a Wal-Mart store here but they carry a lot of Argentine food. We go there sometimes. The Changomas store is not in our area. Our area is on the other side of the Ruta 11, far from the center of the city.  We are close to fixing the shower in our apartment but it's not fixed yet. It heated up a while but then it dropped in temp again. It is hot and cold here! Haha.

         I will share as much as I can about this week with you guys. The fasting and prayer paid off and C. quit smoking and was baptized on Saturday. The night she was baptized we called a remis (taxi) and we had the taxi take her home and it was so weird the feeling that I had. I was so worried for her for some reason. I just want her to stay active and letting her go to her house, was like I was letting go of a child and sending them out on their own for the first time. I prayed hard for her. She was confirmed yesterday! I have also given her a few blessings and she is still going strong! We are working to baptize her son, also. I felt so happy when she was baptized, it was a feeling that I haven`t had in a long time. We also hit our goal of 10 new investigators this week but we actually found 12 so we are doing really well! The baptism was a great uplift.

Me filling up the font, so excited...

At the baptism...

C.'s cat is also reading the Book of Mormon, Haha!

           The other Elders in this photo are Elder Figueroa and Elder Donoso, the Zone Leaders and Elder Wadsworth. Elder Bowerbank was transferred early because Elder Pedernera left the office and he came to Clorinda so now Elder Pedernera is with me again! It is fun being with him again. He has been like my companion for the whole mission. I started with him in Curuzu Cautia and then we were in the office together, and now here again in Clorinda! Haha. We are great friends, haha. It will be nice serving with him again, we will be doing divisions with them sometime soon.

         Things with Elder Velasquez are good, just normal and tranquillo. (chill)
 So multizona is on Wednesday, the area Im serving in is good. I got sick this week, but I managed to keep the spirits up. I was blessed a lot by God this week.

         When Argentina lost their World Cup game this last week the people were out saying bad words and screaming while we were walking around in the streets, even the schools here turn on the game when Argentina plays and the whole school watches it! The Argentines were mad, haha, really mad. I hope they pull through in the World Cup, though. It is so hard to teach the gospel to them during the games. Tomorrow, I think they will be playing Nigeria.

          I love you and miss you all so much. You are such great examples to me in my life. I couldn`t ask for better parents that trust in God and are so blessed for doing so. I am doing well and Im working hard. I am really excited to play soccer when I get back home. The World Cup is getting me pumped! Say hi to all the family for me, especially Zane and Miranda. 


Elder Nate Pendleton

More pictures from this week...

 A sign that says; " Clorinda, I Love"...

Soccer field down here in Argentina...

A Fiat, it would be a great Road Rally car!!!

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