Saturday, July 7, 2018

Multizona fun, and the work is going really well just gotta get organized!

 Okay, so for the main email, today I just want to say that C. is amazing! She is surrounded by people that smoke and drink, some of her friends didnt like her decision to be baptized. Her own kids didn´t even come to watch it and yet she has maintained herself from cigarettes! She rejects them and has more power to say no. I am proud of her! She also got a new job that she was praying for, so that is good too!

Yeah, mom, the Reyes family is great! They help us out a lot with the work we have received a lot of good references from them like A. I also sent some Elders down to Puerto to reach out to A. this week to see how she is doing with the gospel. I am glad that the Reyes family thinks that I can speak Spanish well. That is so weird, that Eduardo, their son contacted you. I don´t even know him yet. I know that he is in Buenos Aires. Sonia, his sister just got back from there.

Elder Wadsworth is from Ogden, Utah I think. He is just a nice dude. He was Elder Slades companion before he went into the office. Hes become a good friend.

So, the zone conference was really fun! We went to Formosa capital to go to the multizona.  Elder Bowerbank was transferred to Pirané and Elder Pedernera is now a companion with Elder Wadsworth. Elder Wadsworth goes home in two weeks, though.  

To be honest, I am still feeling a little sick. Here in the mission, we sleep all over the place. Ive had to sleep at the zone leaders pension a lot. I have been pretty wrecked sleeping this week. It is just that our pension is so far that if we go to the church for a baptism or for an activity we have to stay with them because there is no time after to walk back to our pension.

As far as the World Cup down here, the people here like it when the people from South America win. They just don´t want Brazil to win cause they always do, Haha! I am going to root for Sweden with Monte

So, this week we found 13 new people to teach and it is getting hard to manage all of them but finding one that will really progress is hard. This week I did a baptismal interview with this kid. My companion, Elder Velasquez has had paperwork to do in Resistencia, so I am actually in Resistencia right now. I have been hanging out with the office elders all day. It is weird to be back in the office. I went to Ricollini, today and we are also going to go shop the Paraguay markets. The whole morning today we were doing his paperwork, so I hope I can just take my p-day until 9pm tonight because I missed the whole morning with doing that. I tried mate celestial this week, which is coconut ground up or shredded with hot chocolate and you drink it out of a Bombilla. It is super good. I bought my mate thermos. Usually, on our p-days, we get lasagna in this restaurant and watch the World Cup while we are eating. We also play ping-pong and play board games and stuff for our p-days.

Anyway, I love you all and miss you! Happy Fourth-of-July.  Things are going well for me, I just gotta get organized with all of my investigators.


Elder Nate Pendleton

These kids thought that I was German during all the World Cup soccer madness, they called me over to talk and I was able to teach them the gospel. Haha! xD!

 A family that I taught in Esquina was baptized this week... So happy for them!

Mutizona bus ride to Formosa Capital...

   Multizona fun!

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