Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Traveling back to Resistencia for some paperwork, divisions and soccer...

July 9, 2018                              Trying to catch the blog up, sorry the dates are off ; )

Well, Argentinas Independence Day celebration is today. They celebrate it with soccer and empanadas. We ate a ton of empanadas and I have played soccer all day! haha. I freaking love soccer! We went to a place and paid a dollar each and we played soccer on a turf soccer field. We are allowed to kick the ball at the goal but we werent supposed to play against each other, but we ended up playing against each other.

 Next week is transfers. I think I will be staying here and our mission president has already said that Elder Velasquez is going to be leaving the area. Elder Velasquez knows elder Soza, he has been friends with him since childhood. That is funny that Dylan knows Elder Sozas parents. That is awesome that you got to go to Dylans homecoming. That is cool that the missionaries that serve in your area came and shared their testimonys in your Sunday School class, mom.

So, my week started on Sunday night, we traveled to Resistencia and we did Elder Valasquez paperwork there on Monday and Thursday. The whole week we stayed with the zone leaders there in Rio Negro and we did divisions with them. It was fun to see everyone in the office again. I miss the office but I am glad that I am not there anymore.I like being out in the field so much more. When we got back to Clorinda we got back to work, but as far as working in the area this week, not much happened. It rained a lot this week so no one was in church and it was really muddy everywhere. Here the dirt here turns into clay when it is wet, so it sticks to everything!

We are still working with those six kids we met and we are going to see if we can get one of them to progress. It was really cool to give my first baptismal interview, also a little stressful because you want to make sure they are ready for it, but it went well.

 I actually sent Elder Dial and Elder Wilde to A. in Formosa, we are going to see if she can get baptized.  

 Hey! Elder Afane and I started to teach that family in Esquina! I am glad that they were baptized! They had already been investigators a while back, but we picked them back up when we were there. That is awesome!

I was a little sick this week but it has passed now, our pension`s owner lives next door to us and when we went to pay our rent, he was watching the Russia vs. Croatia World Cup game and he offered to let us stay and watch. I wanted to so bad, but we can`t Haha. We just told him, no. I will tell C. that you are proud of her , mom.
 As far as for our countrys 4th of July celebration, I wanted to tell you that I miss the ward breakfast that we always have there, it is soooo good!  Im glad everything went well for your fourth of July celebrations!

Thank you for praying for me, always, I really appreciate it. I will send you some pics.  I love you so much. You are the best! 

Elder Triana and me, he is an elder that I have known since the first day of the mission. I stayed in a hotel the first day with him. I did divisions with him all week. My desk and study area, in my pension. Our pension, it is up on the top floor. 

So some Colombian dudes offered us Colombian empanadas this week. When he brought them out and I saw them, I was like that looks like an Arapa, which is something my dad ate on his mission in Venezuela. I asked them about it and he said that it is the same dough they use to make arapas and that they actually sell arapas also from their house. They were sooooo good! I know that dad ate a lot of arapas on his mission. These were Arapanadas, Haha.  And I loved and this El Gringo sign, Haha.  (Gringo means a person, especially an American, who is not Hispanic or Latino.)

 Pictures of soccer on p-day this week...

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