Monday, June 25, 2018

New area, work progressing, clean pension...

June 11, 2018

First of all, Happy Fathers Day next week! I love you soooo much! I cant even possibly explain how great of an example you are to me, dad! Youre the best!

         Elder Velasquez is from Santiago Chile. He speaks English but I only speak Spanish with him usually. Elder Velasquez is a good guy but I just don`t have a connection with him yet. He is a good companion. He teaches well and he is doing a good job of showing me the area. He is really calm and normal you could say. We get out and work every hour of every day. We work hard and we are pretty obedient. We have found and taught a lot of investigators this week. We have a few that can almost be baptized. One just has to quit smoking and the other one has to come to church and then they are ready.  The work is good and it is progressing. Member lunches are good and the people are pretty nice here.

         The trip was fun up to Clorinda, it is a huge crossroads. Clorinda is a branch and I work within the city limits. My area is everything on the other side of the Ruta 11 that cuts the city in two. Centro is fun and there are good places to eat here, but our area is really far from Centro. My area is the most beat up part of Clorinda.  It is really cold and really hot sometimes, and sometimes that is at the same time, Haha, and it is also really windy.  The pension is pretty dirty but I will get it cleaned up.





         The guys in the district are Elder Figueroa and Elder Donoso, which are the zone leaders, then there is Elder Wadsworth and Elder Bowerbank. Elder Wadsworth is a good dude I get along well with him.

         Thats great that Melissa Anderson got called to the Ecuador Guayaquil North mission. That will be a good mission, hot but good. I know a few Elders from there I believe. Ecuador is a cool place! Congratulate her for me!     

         So, things that happened this week are that we had lots of member lunches. We had two investigators in church on Sunday and we have found lots of people to teach this week. Today we cooked grilled chicken and I started the fire under the grill and cooked them for us. It was dirty hot work but it was also fun.

I miss you all and love you more than you could know!  Stay Safe!
Elder Nate Pendleton

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