Monday, May 28, 2018

Todo Tranquilo in the office, but a big storm outside...

May 4, 2018

Hey! So anyway this week has been todo tranqui or todo trunky haha. They say todo tranqui here to say all chill but they shorten it from todo tranquilo to todo tranqui. haha. Sometimes we just say todo trunky haha. I have not had much to do this week except supervise. I am incredibly ready to go out and kill it in the field. All in all I have really enjoyed a lot of things in the office. It was hard work but it was good.   

I am glad you all got to go to Lake Powell. It looked like you had a lot of fun. Yeah, It was fun to hangout again with Elder Ashby and Elder Potts at the Leadership Conference and I also got to see them yesterday because there was a Multizona. I did have to get the flu shot after the Multizona! Elder Sajtroch gave it to me. Haha!

It has been hard living with 7 other people in the pension Haha. I wish I wouldve gotten pics of how messy the pension is. There are like seven mattresses in one tiny room, double bunk beds, suitcases all over the place. Haha. But, Ya me voy, entonces está bien haha. ( But Im leaving so its fine Haha!) I have a sneaking hunch that I will be going up to Ibarreta but we will see. I am ready to go anywhere. I still have not gotten my debit card but I will keep waiting for it. We got our money draw for the month but here in the office it seems like we spend like the Kardashians, so I am already spending way too much. I think I was just too excited to leave. Haha.  (He was buying up souvenirs while he could get them in Resistencia. xD )
I am going to really need to be careful from now on. It is much easier to keep tabs on our money out in the campo (field).

So the tie I traded for is the one I am wearing in these pictures below. It is brown canvas with red birds on it. I liked the hipster look to it. Haha. I traded one of the ties that you guys gave to me. I liked the tie you gave me but I like this other one a lot too! I traded with Elder Hargrave.  

So, yesterday a storm hit and it was hailing and the wind was wicked and it was knocking down trees in front of our pension. It was raining so hard that the streets were rivers again and the lightning was insane. It all sounded like gunshots. The fire station is right in front of our pension so we watched them for a bit clear some fallen tree branches out of the road. All of the power was out and the wind was so strong that it blew all of the water at our back window and flooded our balcony so there was a bit of water in the pension. Without the air conditioning, it was pretty hot last night. Elder Harris is like addicted to Alfajores now, so we bought a box this week and have eaten many of them. Haha!

Anyway, I love you and miss you all! I am grateful for all of your support. I will do my best out in the field and I will try to make God proud of my efforts.

 Lova ya!
Description: Pendleton

The bird tie I traded for...

Elder Nipko cutting my hair...

Elder Harris and I cooking Fried Chicken and Onion Rings...

Video of the storm...

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