Monday, May 21, 2018

Said a little prayer and was blessed...

April 27, 2018

So this week was pretty good. It was very busy with all the new people coming in and the old people leaving. We had the Consejo de Lideres, which is always very busy, but at least I didn´t have to do much for it because I had Elder Harris on the job! I just helped him when he needed me. He is learning really fast! I really think that President wants to put us all out into the field as soon as he possibly can, so I am teaching him as fast as I can. He learned a lot faster than I did! A cool story that happened yesterday,  so we were preparing the money to go to the bank today and we were short 900 pesos and we had no idea where they went and so as he was looking back through all of the receipts I said a quick prayer and I just said. " I have faith that we will find this 900 pesos.”I lost 500 pesos when I first started but I didn’t want that to happen again" I ended saying the prayer in my head and I turned and looked and as Elder Harris went to set a receipt to the side, I noticed that it said a different price on the receipt than we had put into the computer. I said wait, wait, wait! It ended up being 900 pesos more than what we had put into the computer. It was circled and had arrows pointing to it. It was like God was saying " Look Right Here!" Haha. So that was a cool experience.

 Elder Austin Harris is my trainee’s full name, he really just likes to work a lot, to be honest.  We get along great. I had a feeling that I was doing too much for him and that he really just wanted to do it himself and that is how he learns best. I had to back off a little bit more and let him do his thing. He is really good at this job!   

Things have been interesting in the office. We have seven people staying in the pension every night because we have 12 office elders instead of our usual six. It has been crowded with the new trainees, one or two more weeks and I will be out somewhere in the mission working hard sharing the gospel in the streets. I don´t know where but I might have a say in where I go.

We haven´t been able to find B. our investigator and with how busy the week was with transfers it was almost impossible to leave the office. We are going to try to go tomorrow. I traded a tie for another one that is really cool. I told him I would wear it off the plane, If he traded with me Haha. So you will see that tie when I come home, Haha. I got my Palo Santo stuff from Potrillo, so that was super cool. I am going to have to shed a lot of weight in my bags to not be over weight when I fly home at the end of my mission, I think I will be fine though. It has been a week of having absolutely no money. We were so low on our money that by the end of the week we were eating like crackers and soup packets, Haha! But our money came and now that I am with Elder Harris we are going to try to be more careful with our money. Before the office I always had plenty of money so I am going to go back to doing that.  

 I am going to try to find a few more pics to send. I know that Elder Ashby has one of me and him and I also think that Elder Potts has one of me and him. (Coleton Jaffa´s cousin

Anyway, there isn´t much else to say but I am doing really well. I really want to let you know that  I love the Book of Mormon and I love being a Mormon.  I may not be gifted in writing emails that just touch the hearts of others. I am not graceful in the way that I talk about the gospel with poetic and prophetic sentences, but I really do trust in the Lord. He helps me and I have seen his hand in my life in the mission and out. I just want more than anything to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. Not only as a missionary where I am expected to, but as a regular person after the mission also.  I really want to make the last 7-8 months of my mission the best they can be.

I love you all,
Elder Nate Pendleton  

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