Monday, September 10, 2018

We had another baptism, love reading scriptures and a new companion coming...

 So this week was really awesome! 

We had another baptism, C.B. got baptized! He told us that he knows it is all true and that some other missionaries had offended him earlier so he never got baptized, but he decided that it was time to finally do it, so he decided to get baptized!

          I don´t know yet, who my new companion is because they will arrive here in Argentina on a plane tonight and then tomorrow, I will get to meet him. Elder Hopkins is now my new zone leader up in Clorinda!!!! I am super glad! He will be one of my last zone leaders in the mission. I am excited for this transfer!

So, anyway, I am in reading in my scriptures in 2 Corinthians now in the New Testament. It is fun to read! (This, from a son who hated to read before he left for his mission! ~ mom )

So, Elder Pedernera and Elder Afane  are both staying where they are in the mission and not getting transferred. Elder Dial and my old companion, Elder Velasquez were called to serve in the office.

 I already have my package! Thanks so much for sending it! I love the Eddie Bauer jacket! I couldn't believe it when I pulled it out. It must have been a bit expensive, but thanks so much. It will be nice for when it rains,  I wore it all day today! I am glad that you got to go down to Southern Utah. I am jealous of all of the vacation you are taking!

So, these last few days I have just been hanging out with a bunch of elders, and it has been fun, waiting for the new elder is always fun! I will do my best to train him well.

As far as working this week it wasnt that great and it also rained a lot. I could kind of see how much I work compared to others in the mission. I work so hard, but I just needed to learn how to really talk to the people well. My language skills have improved so much now. Well, now with me being diligent with a comp that is new and is ready to work, hopefully, and being able to speak full on Castellano Spanish, we are gonna get some work done!

I love you a ton. I have really felt like I have become accustomed to living in Argentina now. I have three transfers left, I can´t believe it!
I love you and miss you all.


Elder Nate Pendleton

The Baptism...

Filling the font...

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