Sunday, March 4, 2018

Isla Del Cerrito and mad taxi drivers...

Hey Everyone,

       We are still trying to work with G. We might have a lesson tonight with him. Those pictures we took are with the Gomez family. They are awesome, we get to eat with them a lot. I am glad that Cole got out to the mission field safely. I hope everything goes well for him in the area that he has been assigned to, Turlock, California.

        So, this week was good. Today we went out to visit this place called Isla del Cerrito. It is where they put all of the people from Resistencia that had Leprosy back in the day. Now it is just a little town with really cool old buildings. The road to get out there is really awesome. I have so many pictures, but I don´t have time to send all of them, but I will do my best to send the good ones! We had a lot of fun!   

       Also, another thing that happened this week was that I accidentally made a taxi driver mad at me because I forgot some money in the church house and when the guy got into his car to take me, I said; Hey, I forgot money in the church, I am going to go back in and get it and then come right back. But because I made him wait for a second he got super angry and started yelling at me!  When I came back with the money, all of the other taxi drivers that were also out front also wouldnt take me in their cars either and as I walked past them not a single one of them said a word to me. I got so mad. : (  I was super mad that they wouldn´t even take me to the bank, so my companion and I just ended up walking there. I was also sick that morning, but it was a tender mercy from God that there was not a line in the bank, nor in the Rapipago (City Tax Office), so I was able to do everything that day smoothly, anyway. We also got to eat at the Mission Presidents house that night to say goodbye to Elder Olmos. It was fun to see him again.  

         Mom and dad, I am glad that you two got married 34 years ago this past week, because you were then able to raise me like you have in the church using the best parenting I have ever seen! I love you guys!

Love ya and miss ya!

Elder Nate Pendleton

P.S. That is cool that Utah has a new rugby team, now. You should go watch some of the games! 

Our p-day trip to Isla Del Cerrito, Argentina...

My companion, Elder Afane and I...

(Elder Pedernera Elder Afane, Myself and Elder Slade)

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