Sunday, February 25, 2018

A visit from a family in Utah, Tacos and saying good bye to Elder Olmos...

         A family who lives in Midway, Utah visited the mission here in Argentina this week! It was so cool getting to visit with them. The parents both served their missions here 22 years ago and they brought 5 of their kids here to see where they had served. It was so fun to get to talk to them. They bought us tacos and we got to eat the tacos with them! It was just so weird to just have a bunch of people here from Utah, visiting! Haha! It was really, really cool! I couldn´t believe it when they walked in. I was like,
What the heck, you all speak English! Haha! The wife served her mission up in the Puerto area, the same place that I have served. She served there 23 years ago. We got to talk to each other about all of the members up there. 

The Cope Family...

         The multi zones we had been planning went well. I got to meet up with Elder Ashby and Elder Nipko and Elder Olmos. Elder Ashby is just "killin’ it", here with his missionary work! He is such a good missionary! I can´t believe he already has 7 months in the mission, now. It is flying by!

         Elder Olmos, who I served with here in the office, is going home on Tuesday so we are getting together and we will be eating dinner with him and President Patania on Monday! 

         We had a lesson with G. Friday morning and he is doing well. He is still progressing. He had a baptism date but we still need to teach him a lot more. I am thankful that God has kept him as our investigator even though we don´t have a ton of time to go out and teach him.

         We actually had another lesson with two new investigators that we found. The husband was in the military and he served in Las Malvinas I definitely didn´t mention the British in our conversation! Haha. They talked sooooo much, we talked with them for hours. At first they were reluctant to let us in, but then without us even asking they just said, okay you guys can come in and share a scripture, so we were able to have a lesson with them, so the work is improving!  

         So yeah, that is Elder Moore and Elder Steele that are hugging their new mattresses Haha. We are all finished getting the mattresses and washers and dryers out to all of the missionaries, so that is good.

(Picture swiped from Elder Moore's Facebook post)

It actually hasn´t been too hot here lately, it is about 88 degrees, typically. It is mostly the humidity that is hard to deal with, but it has been nice the last few days.

The pastries that I talked about in my letter last week were called Facturas. They are really good! The word Factura also means bill, as in I have to pay the bills Haha. I don´t know why they are called that. Also, there are these cheesy bread things called Chipa here, they are also super good.  


Burritos we had last week...

I love you all and miss you so much and again Happy Birthday, mom!
 Que la cumpla feliz!


Elder Nate Pendleton

Missionary work this week...

A sign that says “We fought with honor and we will return, the heroes of the Malvinas 
The saying on the back of the truck says, "Everything I achieve in life is not luck, it is God moving things in my favor"

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