Saturday, February 10, 2018

This week went by fast!

This week went by fast! We had some missionaries leave us and we had some new ones come in. It is always fun to have the new missionaries come into the mission. We went around Resistencia and dropped off some of the mattresses and washing machines and dryers to the missionaries. I was pretty busy this week but everything went really smooth so it wasn´t too stressful.

So, I had this idea to go to this place that I saw by the mall to take pictures of some street graffiti, it is so cool, so we went there on p-day. I am sending a ton of pictures of it to you. 

I am glad that Cole did well with his talk on Sunday. He really does look different. I can see that he is ready for his mission.  

Wish Max a Happy Birthday if you can for me. I love the little guy so much. I can´t believe he is 2 already. I hope they all have fun in Disneyland.  

 I literally just read this morning, the same chapter 1 Nephi 13, in the Book of Mormon so we are in the same place in our reading, mom. That is cool!

I seriously love you guys and you are such an awesome example to me. I literally can´t have better parents than you. It is not possible! I love you and miss you all. I know that this church is true and that Jesus Christ died for us. My relationship with God has grown on this mission. He truly is my best friend and my Heavenly Father.

Love to all,


Elder Nate Pendleton

We also saw a RESISTENCIA sign that was really cool that we took pictures in front of.
 I will add all those pictures on another post..

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