Monday, February 19, 2018

Say goodbye to the chimichangas! Haha!

So, fun things this week, we went to Corrientes to give out the rest of the washing machines and dryers and mattresses and we also had to move a bed out of the Hermanas pension from the second story of their building. So as the Hermanas laughed at us, we lowered the bed off of the balcony and only one person died, Haha! Not really, just kidding!

It was fun to go around to all of the pensions this week; we even visited the most dangerous area in the whole mission. Haha! We almost fell into a Zanja (thats an uncovered canal containing raw sewage) at one point in our truck! The back wheel started to fall in and we were just barely able to keep it from falling in! Haha!  After that, we went and bought a bunch of pastries from this place that sells them really cheap in Corrientes. It was nice driving back over the bridge with the sunset over the river.

I had to get things ready for Multizonas in Corrientes and Formosa this week. 
I couldn´t go to either of them, but everything went smoothly with them. We have been getting ovens fixed for missionaries and we have been doing legal paperwork for missionaries that are not yet legal in the country. I got to help out a little with that the other day. I had to go to the bank a lot this week and also there was a bank strike going on and a holiday (Carnival) all in a row, so there was no bank service for like five days.

That is great that Monte got a new calling at church and he is now the 1st Councilor in the Sunday School Presidency, he will do great with that!  
Love and miss you all!

Elder Nate Pendleton

(Nates Mom and Dad)
We asked him if he ever gets Mexican food down there in Argentina and this was his response;

The food is not at all Mexican here, but it is funny that you mention that because the Elders in Rio Negro found a guy that is from Mexico and he has a Mexican restaurant that we are going to go try out tonight! They said it is really good! I have not had a burrito for over a year, so when I get back from my mission say goodbye to the chimichangas! Haha!

Sorry, no pictures this week...

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