Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mom and Dad were on Vacation to Moab, so this posting is a little late...

Hey everyone,

         That is cool that Elder Nipko (an Elder who is a friend of Nates in the mission) had a photography business going before he came out to serve his mission, He is a super cool dude. He is very good with people. He is very sociable. Yeah, his name is Jansen. I really get along with the group that came in with Elder Ashby. That group is so awesome. Elder Johnston, Elder Hargrave, Elder Pratt, Elder Nipko, Elder Rubisch. There are also a few others that I can´t think of right now.

         This next week we have people leaving and also coming in new to the mission. We also have a few multizonas at the end of this month. I have to prepare a lot of food for those, this coming week. We also have a lesson with G. tonight! So, that will be good. We have gone out to work a few times. The other Elders in the office were moved to Ward 1 with my companion and I, so the four of us go out into the area to work a little bit more now. G is doing well, so things are moving along a little better with the work. We also started teaching this kid, whose parents are members, he will probably be getting baptized on the 17th of this month.

         I have really tried to read the scriptures more this week. 2 Nephi Chapter 9 is soooooooo good! I love it! I think it is one of my favorite chapters in the whole Book of Mormon.

         The food that we made is called Guiso. It was one of the biggest Guiso we all had ever seen, Haha! It was pretty good, but it is food for the poor, to be honest.

         (Nates Dad asked him about the sports that they play down there and this is what he had to say about that)
Baseball does not exist here. I always talk about baseball with people and no one knows anything at all about it. I have not seen a baseball field or bat or ball or a glove or anything here, the sport is non-existent. Soccer is everything here. Argentines like some of the more uncommon sports like ping-pong and field hockey. Some of the other sports they play here are volleyball and basketball is also growing in popularity here too. I have gotten pretty good at ping-pong because all of the bigger church houses have a table so every p-day we get to play it a little bit.

         (His Dad also asked him about using the mission truck and about how often he gets to use it and this is what he said)
The truck that we have in the mission is always with the Assistants to the President, unless we really need to use it. I take a remis (taxi) to the bank, also because there are hardly any parking spots in the main city and I have to wait there a good while, because like I said this country, is a country of waiting in long lines. Whether it is at the bank or to pay bills there are lines of people everywhere! The missionaries take taxis a lot, It makes for a lot of good stories, Haha! To be honest the missionaries go in the taxis so much that I am pretty sure that almost all of the drivers have had all of the missionary lessons! Haha. 

Here is a video of us starting our adventure last week.   Keep being the best parents ever, I follow your examples every day! I will send some more of the photos I wasn´t able to send to you last week.

Take care, Love you all,

Elder Pendleton

Our Guiso!

More pictures of our trip out to Isla Del Cerrito...

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