Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Missing St. Patrick's Day food and Moab, but working hard here in Argentina...

Hey Everyone!

Awwwhahhaww, I am going to miss the corned beef and cabbage on St. Patricks Day!

(Grandma's St. Patrick's Day Dinner~ West Jordan, Utah)

Things were busy this week with all of the missionaries coming and going. It is always fun to meet the new missionaries. Expectations high, and they have the spirit with them, It is great. We got a lot of free meals this week from all of it, so that is nice. Next week we have a lot of member meals so we are going to actually make it to the end of the month on the money that we have.

We had the conference for the leaders in the mission, so there were like 62 missionaries here, and I had to do so many things for all of them! When we have the leader conference it is the craziest, most busy day of my job. I have to take care of all the money problems of the mission that day. I am glad I get a break for a while from planning food, though. The other multizonas will be held on the 27th of March in Formosa and the 29th in Corrientes. I dont get to go to those ones, but then on the 3rd and 5th of April we have the multizonas in Resistencia.

Yeah, that picture that Noemi sent to you, mom, is us eating with her family, the Gomez family. The lunch that she served us was great!

They are definitely the coolest members in Barrio 1. He does a lot of steel working and he made us these really nice quality Bombillas or Mate straws to use when we go home. It is super cool!  

Well, first of all we all look tired in that picture because we are just crazy beat up from being in the office and second I was really sick to my stomach during lunch that day, I hardly ate anything. That was also the day that all the new missionaries got here, too. I am better now, but I am still really tired.

The other day one of the other Elders from the mission saw me while I was working and he was like "Che está hecho percha!" hecho percha or hecho Bolsa is how you say you look beat up here in this part of Argentina. It is not really a phrase in other countries. I was wrecked doing reembolsos (refunds) all day on Wednesday.

G. came to church on Sunday and we taught him the lesson at the church. He almost has all the lessons taught to him now, and he has come to church enough times to get baptized, but we just need to get him to commit to being baptized. I think he is just a little scared. He is awesome, he always talks about eternal families. We haven´t even taught the law of chastity lesson, but his girlfriend, who is a member, explained it to him and he has been following it and he has started to follow the word of wisdom, too. He understands really well all the things we teach. I think with a little more time we can get him to commit to baptism. 

Last p-day we didn´t do anything special or interesting and today I don´t think we have anything planned. Anyway, some other things that happened this week. I saw a Ferrari 458 drive down the street, so that was cool. It was bright red and it sounded amazing! I can´t imagine owning a Ferrari in this city, it would totally get destroyed! Also, Yarima Hill wrote me a letter, so if you could thank her for me that would be great! I also got my scripture case that I had ordered awhile ago and it is sweet!!!! It is made out of Alligator, Iguana, Carpincho, Lynx, Deer, snakeskin and also normal cow leather. It looks so cool!  Here are some pictures of it.  

 We also went to Corrientes this week to take apart a bunk bed and bring it back to Resistencia so, that was fun. I also got to stay the night with Elder Ashby and Elder Hall. It was great to get to hang out with my old companion Elder Ashby, again.  The next morning, Elder Ashby and I went to the bank. It started to rain super, super hard on us! We got back to the church, and even with umbrellas, we were soaked! I even had to go change into my other suit pants, Haha. It was that day that we had the conference with the zone leaders, district leaders, and sister training leaders so, everyone was a little wet!  

Anyway that is pretty much it for this week!

That is great that you all had a good time Jeeping in Moab. From the pictures you sent, it looks like you all had a great time. That is cool that you got to go out and sit on the red rocks and think about God and all of His creations like that. That was something that Brother Hill would have us do when we went on the Arches back packing trip for scouts. We would sit alone and just think and ponder about it all!

I Love and miss you all!  
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Elder Nate Pendleton

A picture of the sunset when we were crossing the bridge on our way to Corrientes this week...

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