Friday, March 30, 2018

19 Washing Machines, 23 Dryers and 27 Mattresses....

Anyway, so things that happened this week are that I know when I am leaving the office, I get a new trainee at the middle of April. Then it is back out into the field for me. Yesterday, I bought 19 washing machines 23 dryers and 27 mattresses for the mission. Haha. It was a lot of money for me to spend. G is good, my goal in the office is his baptism. If I can get him baptized I will consider my time here totally worthwhile if not well, I still learned a lot and I will keep trying to baptize out in the field. I hope after this time in the office they send me to the most remote beat up place in the mission! Haha!

Today we watched the wedding of some investigators of the Rio Negro area here in Argentina, they are also getting baptized soon. They did the wedding in the church house. Today I am going to go try and buy Monte a soccer jersey and myself an Argentina jersey because I don´t have one yet. Also, they are selling cool artisan things in the plaza, today. There are a lot of Indian trinkets and hipster stuff.  We are also celebrating Elder Rayburns birthday today, so we are going to make an Asado. Also, the movie Coco, was approved by the mission president to watch, so we will be watching that tonight! 
I love you and miss you all!


Elder Nate Pendleton

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