Friday, April 6, 2018

Souvenirs, collecting money, training someone soon, and the Zoo...

         Well, this week has gone fast! Lots of work for me for the end of the month. I got to be with a lot of missionaries this week.  We are also planning Zone Conferences for Corrientes and also for here in Resistencia. 

         The ward culture night that you went to mom and dad, looked fun. Those things that Brother Oaks has, are exactly the same kinds of souvenirs that are sold here. Those mate cups are made out of something called Palo Santo or "Holy Stick". It is a very hard wood that smells really good. I bought one this week so now I have two of them!. The thermos that he also had with the leather covering is very common here. The cool leather scripture cases he had are also found here. Paraguay where he went on his mission, is so close to this mission that it is almost basically the same as being here! That is cool that he has all of those things.        

         I can´t wait to be out in campo again, there is this place in the mission called the Plains of Hell. It is so hot there that it can reach up to 130 degrees or even more! It is really cool to serve in a place so diverse and so full of stuff that it will be fun to laugh about when I get back home. I just want to be out there, again! I need some crazy experiences! There are some people on the mission that just live a regular mission life and then there are some that have crazy things happen to them and it makes for fun stories to tell. Those are the kind of things I miss from being out in the field!  

          Mom, Elder Slade made the video that you saw that was posted. He puts together all of the videos like that, he did a really good job on this one!

          I have a collection of money from here that I am going to bring home after my mission. The bigger bills are hard to collect because it is a lot of money, obviously, but being the financial secretary I have collected some smaller bills that are in perfect never been used condition. I have plenty of coins I've collected too! Way too many, Haha

         I don´t know who I will be training yet to fill my financial secretary job yet, maybe Ill find out this Monday. I also was told that I would be starting to train a week earlier, so now I start training the 16th or 17th, or something like that.

          Next week President is taking us to the zoo in Sáenz Peña, just the office Elders and him. It will be fun! I can't wait!

          If there is something I have learned in the mission it is that you have to pray a lot, and reading the scriptures is less about just knowing things about history, but it is how we can find and feel the spirit and it also helps us to think clearly when making choices.

         Anyway, here are a few pics of some things I got this week at the plaza where they sell goods. So, I got a Mate cup made out of the Holy Stick, wood. Haha. It is an amazing wood. The dude engraved Resistencia on it right in front of me. He did it so fast and well. He had some cool wood boxes made out of local woods. I also bought these two key chains made out of cows ribs that have Armadillos and Palo Borracho trees engraved on them. I also got this Gaucho Knife made out of Armadillo or as it is said here in Argentina, Tatú. I know dad would like a Gaucho knife I am going to try and find a good one for him. I am glad that you had a good birthday, Dad!  

         So funny story, so Argentine people dont take very good care of their cars. We were in front of the pension and this lady gets in her car and in her attempt to leave her parking spot, she backs up into the car behind her and just bumps it, I thought okay it was just an accident, then she doesn´t have enough space to leave quite yet, in the front of her, so she hits it again! I was just like, no that is not alright!!! Then later in the week, we see this piece of crap Renault car try and parallel park and in doing so, he bumps a brand new Volkswagen behind him. They all just nudge their way in, here in Argentina. Haha! I would never own a nice car if I lived here! It would last only maybe three seconds, Haha.

         G. is doing well he is just hard to teach when he lives in Corrientes but he is so close to baptism. My goal is to get him baptized before I leave the office. I have got to kick things into gear and push him a little more to make commitments.

        Anyway, that was my week. I love you and miss you all! Thanks for your love and support!

Elder Nate Pendleton

Mate cup...

Gaucho Knife...


  Zone Conference this week...

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