Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Photography, a life lesson and "road rally racing", jk...

Mom, that is cool that you will be serving with the youth now. The youth are definitely the most fun. That is cool that you also got to go to the Jordan River Temple Open House.  

I had an interview with President this week and I thought he was going to tell me who the new guy is that I will be training to fill my job as the financial secretary after I leave the office, but he didn´t. I will find out who it is tomorrow.  This whole week I have been really happy, I really feel the effects of my fast and your fast and the prayers that I receive from all of you. My interview with President helped me, he told me how he has so much confidence in me and he also helped me to realize that I   have done a great job in the office.  Also, Elder Nipko has been fun to have in the office this week. He showed me all of his photography stuff and all that he has done with that. He seriously went on so many adventures in the mountains and hung out with so many interesting people and made money doing it. He had such a cool job before he came out on his mission and I seriously want to do what he does as a side hobby when I get back home off of my mission. He has been teaching me how to edit photos and stuff. He is an amazing photographer. One thing I realized while I was editing photos this week was that the reason people are successful is because they have confidence in their work. I have always focused too much on who was better than me when all that matters is that if you have fun doing something and if it was your personal best, then that is enough. My pictures are obviously not professional quality, but I realized that if I look at the good things that I do, and if I am happy with my work I will have the ability to push my talents farther and farther each day, until I can become successful. Not just with photography, but with missionary work, yo-yoing, school, skiing, autocross racing, Haha! Whatever it is, I just have to go out and do it, make it happen! It doesn´t matter if I am the best, I have to just be happy with who I am. When I get back I will have no fears to go and do any adventure or take on any project just as long as it is something that interests me, I can be successful. That was just kind of a thought that I had this week.

Yeah, Mom, driving the chicken back and forth to our General Conference watch party was fun. The muddy streets made it kind of like a road rally race with a lot of people on motorcycles as obstacles, Haha! Don´t worry I was driving slow! Haha! We cooked the chicken with lemon pepper and the Hermanas in the mission made mashed potatoes for us. Yeah, the stick shift practice is preparing me for autocross SCCA! Haha.   Elder R. had his appendix taken out and he is recovering well. Yeah, the area of Estanislao is super cool. The town is so small you can barely see it on Google Maps. It is literally native Argentines that speak their own language there, yet there are so many that are faithful members of the church there. A couple of months ago they walked like 27 miles to cross the border between Argentina and Paraguay and then they traveled illegally to the temple that is in Asuncion Paraguay to be able to take out their endowments. They technically are not citizens of either country so they can’t cross the borders legally. They faced many hardships on their journey, but eventually, they made it to the temple. It was a cool story. I heard that they might put their story into the Liahona magazine also. I hope things go well with my investigator G. too. I have been trying to get my souvenir shopping out of the way because I don´t know what kind of things I will be able to buy in my next area, so I bought an Argentina jersey but it is a fake one. It only cost me 13 dollars, haha! 

Well, I love you all and miss you!

Elder Nate Pendleton

Some of my edited photos...

  An Argentina soccer jersey I bought myself...

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