Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lot's of pasta and chunks of cow to eat oh, and piranhas!

Hey, everyone!

Things are great here in Argentina, lots of pasta, and chunks of cow to eat!

Happy 4th of July! America!

The work is going well. It is hard to get people to go to church but other than that we are doing great. The Spanish is going well too. I have learned a ton, lately. I can understand soooo much more Spanish now and can speak even more. Its funny when people ask me, Oh, you don´t speak much Spanish do you? but its because I am just quietly watching them, and then I get mad and start talking a whole bunch so that they know that I can speak it. I am just quiet and need to speak up more. Haha!

We haven´t had much luck with our investigators this week, Country didn´t come to church and none of our other investigators came to church, either. It is sooo hard to get them to go!!!  I don´t know why they don´t come, its not that hard! The investigator who had her house flooded, and was excited to come back to church and get baptised has been hard to get back in contact with. We still can´t find P and I, at home, but we have this new investigator named A and her family, and they are awesome!  We visited them the other night and it was really cool, she lives by this Lagoon, and she was like: “Yeah, there are Piranhas in there. So, she asked her neighbor to go out to the Lagoon and get some and within five minutes he had caught two Piranhas. He cut the heads off the fish and he gave the heads to us, Haha! We are going to dry out the Piranha heads so we can keep the teeth from them, Haha! We were sticking wood sticks in their mouths and they would bite clean through them! It was soooo fun!  

Look at those teeth, would ya!!!

It was also awesome because there was a nice, beautiful sunset over the Laguna de Los Indios, and the city was in the background. They also had many pigs and chickens running all around. We also ran into a bunch of drunk guys fishing Piranhas out of the lagoon and they were like; Hey, check out this meat and then a guy held this giant strip of meat in my face, Haha. They said soooo many funny things I don´t even have time to write them all, then on our way home these other guys asked if we were from Germany and we were like; No were from the United States. and they were like;  Oh good because we thought those Chileans in that neighborhood you went into were going to kill you for being German. Apparently, Germany won some big soccer game or something.  

That is so awesome that Nathan and Cowley are going on missions, tell them I say, Hi!
I also can´t believe Kai Alger is coming home that soon, too!   I will let you know all about our new Mission President when I get to meet him. Elder Afane is awesome! He is super nice and he was super excited to meet me! Mom, I am glad you contact a lot of people in the mission and are able to talk to them! I will be sending pics of my new hat made out of Carpincho, (Worlds biggest rodent!) and some pics of the outside of the apartment (pension). Glad you are all celebrating the 4th of July. I think the 9th of July is a Holiday here in Argentina, but not sure. 
 I feel all of your prayers sooo much. My companion, Elder Hopkins is awesome and he is always happy. I know the church is true and that we have a purpose here on earth. I love all of you and hope all is good back home. I appreciate all of your support!

Elder Nate Pendleton

 Here are some Pics! 

Me messing around with my Gaucho (Argentinian Cowboy) Clothes haha. That hat is made out of Carpincho. The world's biggest rodent! haha.

A Carpincho!

Outside my Pension...

P.S.  Also, I seriously want to feed all the Dogs here to the FIRE ANTS!!!!! They are soooo annoying with all their barking.    


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