Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Day of the Pioneer!!!!

Hey, Everyone!

Happy Day of the Pioneer!!!!!!!!!!

            We are going to celebrate the day by eating lots of Alfajores!  This week has been sooooo much better! I'm so much happier this week. I really have been trying to be a happy missionary and trying to show my love for the people down here in Argentina.

            We finally had an investigator in church this week!!!!!!!!!!! A, came!!!!! She is so awesome,   I also took a nighttime landscape photo behind A´s house. On Saturdays it is burn all your garbage day!!! Haha! It was sooooo gross trying to take the picture, but worth it! We also went on divisions this week and we went to a place called Nuevo Formosa. It is a government neighborhood and all the houses there look the same. The work is improving a lot and we are working very hard. I think things are going a lot better.

            So, we saw like 8 monkeys up in this tree the other day!!!! There was a mom with a baby monkey on its back. There was also a big black one, and they were climbing around using their tails and stuff. It was awesome!!!  It is something most other missionaries wont get to see on their missions here.

             Also, there was this crazy dog fight we were a part of!!!!! This dog started fighting with this other dog and the owner was like screaming and hitting the dog and pulling on its tail to get it to stop attacking the other dog. The two dogs had their jaws locked on each others faces. There was sooooo much blood!!! Elder Hopkins started pulling on the tail of one of the dogs and I was going to kick the other dog to get it to stop fighting because that is just what you need to do down here in Argentina, but I didn´t want to offend anyone, so I didnt end up doing it. Fortunately, some bystanders ran up and started soccer kicking the dogs, crazy hard to get them to stop fighting. Then another dog got involved and started attacking and so the other hurt dog left and the other two dogs started fighting! They finally got them separated! It was the craziest thing I have ever seen! Haha! There was blood everywhere!  

Also, today we cleaned our pension (apartment) like crazy. I had to tie a t-shirt around my face to not breathe in all the mold dust and paint chips. We sprayed all of the mold with bleach to kill it. It is so much better now!

 Thank you very much for all your support and love! The Church is True!


Elder Pendleton  

  Nighttime Landscape photo behind A's house

Saturday Garbage Burning

Nuevo Formosa - Government Housing

Divisions during the week

"The Last Supper" display here in Formosa

Cleaning the Pension...

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