Tuesday, July 18, 2017

New President, Zone Conference

The new president Elder Alejandro S. Patanía, is awesome and the Multi-Zona was the best one I have had so far! It was probably because I could finally understand everything that was being said. The new president gets things done but nothing much in the mission has really changed yet. Elder Afane is awesome! He and I are pretty good friends and I’m also good friends with Elder Pedernera.

            The blisters on my feet kept on coming this whole week because of all the walking, but all of them are finally healed up, so things are good now. This week I was better at trying to be Christlike, but I have felt really down in the dumps this week. We still couldn´t get anyone to come out to church. A almost came to church, but she didn´t want to come without a friend, so we need to find her a friend. A is awesome! She reads and prays and she will probably go to church next week! We also found this family and we taught them about the Restoration and then they asked us something about the Plan of Salvation and we told them that we were going to teach them about that next time, and they were like “No, we can´t wait!” so we taught them about that too! We were in their house for like 2 hours, Haha! They are awesome!  

             I am getting better everyday with the language and it isn´t really much of a problem anymore. My Spanish is better than in the video that Sister Salto took too!( posted below) I wish you could hear how good it is! I actually can speak pretty well now. We always have people tell us: “Ustedes son muy lindos con sus ojos claros.” or they say, “Todos los Mormones tienen pelo rubio y son guapos tambien” Haha!. (You are very handsome with your clear eyes”, or they say, “All Mormons have blond hair and are handsome too! Haha!) I am really glad that Elder Hopkins is my companion. We work well together.This week we boiled the fish heads, and boy did they stink! The Piranha teeth we wanted out of them turned out way better than we thought they would. We also finally got our water heater fixed and now I can take a hot shower!  

            Brother Horner is going to be an awesome Bishop!!!  His councilors will do great too!
 Will you tell Bishop Anderson, thank you for helping me so much! The new fridge that you got looks awesome!  I am glad you got to go to a car show! I love how cars can bring people together. I compliment people’s cars down here to start conversations with them when we are out contacting them about the Gospel, Haha!  Wow, that is awesome that, that guy that you had just barely met there handed you a twenty-dollar bill to give to me for my mission. I can’t believe how nice some people can be! I am also glad that you saw and talked with Rylan’s family there too!

   Thanks for all your support. This week went by so fast I didn´t take many pics, but I will try and send more next week.  Love you all!

Chau Chau!
Elder Nate Pendleton

Video of me and my companion speaking Spanish...

  My District...

Elder Afane and Elder Pedemera at Zone Conference...

My front door...

My Piranha Teeth...

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  1. Speaking pretty well in Spanish! I am impressed.