Monday, July 10, 2017

Listening to the Spirit...

 Hey, Everyone,

The work has been good this week it started with us getting a call that we needed to go to Resistencia.We were there for two days to do paperwork and we also have to go back there tomorrow after the Multi-Zone conference. I will also get to meet the new Mission President, tonight. This week we couldn´t go to see A, our investigator because she lives far away and the buses weren´t running because of the Argentinian Independence Day holiday. At the beginning of the week, I walked so much that my left foot had six blisters on it and the right one had four. We used the buses, but still, my feet got destroyed. We have been struggling to get any investigators to commit to anything. We find good people, but they just want to listen to the word of God, but they tell us before and after we teach them, that I am Catholic and I will not change. At least we are planting seeds.
I don´t know how much more clearly we can teach the people, but this week I am just going to teach them with more love and just ignore the excuses. The members of the church here are awesome though, and they all have great testimonies. We still get to teach in church every Sunday. This mission experience really makes me want to work hard in the future to accomplish my dreams. I am sick of hearing things like you can´t do it, but I am going to do it, and one day I hope to be able to preach with such power that everyone I teach will want to get baptized!

            On our Independence Day, July 4th we were traveling to Resistencia, and the 9th of July (Argentinas Independence Day) was the worst day ever because everyone was drinking and listening to crazy loud music and no one wanted to talk with us. Im so glad the family was able to get together for the 4th.

            This week I did have one experience with the Spirit. We were planning as we usually do and we had some names written down to go visit that day. I had a prompting to switch the names to a different order so we changed them, we went to one of the people and he wasn´t home, I felt like we needed to contact the house at the end of this little alleyway we were in, so we went down there and we found this awesome lady who let us in and we taught her a great lesson. We had almost turned around and walked out of the alley and I don´t know if we would have found her if we wouldn´t have gone to the other guy's house first, so that was a cool experience.  I do my best to feel the spirit, I just need to work even harder I guess. I feel like we are the most obedient missionaries in the entire mission. One of these days someone will want to progress and get baptized. I do love the people here it is just hard sometimes being the weird kid in church clothes all the time! I love you all!

Silly face with my companion... We call this the Shenanigan McFlanigan face (It's a Pendleton Family inside joke...)

Standard of Truth

My Pension

A picture Sister Salto sent to my mom on Friday.

Elder Nate Pendleton

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