Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ammon is just the coolest!!!!

 Hey, Everyone!

             Sorry, I haven´t written in a while but I am still alive! Haha. Anyway, things are good here and we have a lot of investigators to teach right now so that is always good. A, didnt come to church this Sunday, but C did! He is located out of our teaching area but we have been given special permission to go and teach him. He still wants to be baptized!

            So excited for A, she is a wonderful investigator and is planning to get baptized at the end of the month.

            We also found this awesome dude to teach named M. He had a stroke a few years back so his eyes face in opposite directions and he doesn't remember a ton but he wants to be baptized and he is progressing a lot! He lives about as far out as you can go in our area. It is so far away, but he is awesome, and he always wears this super beat up Carpincho hat! Haha!
He didn't come to church this week because someone was coming to fix his truck so maybe he will come next week.

             Also, we started teaching that guy that offered us Marijuana because he said he wants out of the drug life. He also can´t be with his kids anymore because of his addiction. We found out that his dad and uncle, who he lives with, are members but they drink and don´t come to church anymore. We had an insane lesson with them the other day. His dad had been drinking and was drunk, he kept talking down his son M. M was crying and he was also super high on marijuana too. He was (is) absolutely being torn apart by his addiction. He tried to kill himself a few days ago, so we are doing everything we can to help him. It was pretty crazy!

          We will also be singing in the Formosa Stake choir, the choir is composed of members and missionaries! We are singing, The Spirit of God and it should be pretty good. I don´t know when we will be performing it. It is fun though and it gives me a nice break on Sunday nights.

         Also, the last thing is that we get so many people that give us compliments on our eyes and there are so many girls that just sit there and stare and giggle at us! Haha. They are always like Woah, Chicos Lindos! (Woah, Beautiful Boys!) Haha! It is pretty funny, Haha!

            As far as transfers go we have to wait until Sunday to find out who stays and who goes. Elder Hopkins is awesome and I will miss him as my companion. I am pretty sure he will be leaving next week. This week I have read a lot in the Book of Mormon and that is really the best book ever written. I don´t like to read, but I do love reading the Book of Mormon. I just finished Alma 27. I loved the last couple of chapters, it was Ammon just celebrating in all the success that they had on their missions. Ammon is just the coolest!

            I hope all is well back home. I would love to hear from all of you!!! If you write me, I will make it a priority to write you back! Anyway, so the language is going well. We walk a ton down here! Haha. I miss driving and my feet are killing me, but it will just make it that much better when I get to drive when I get back home. Anyway, That is pretty much it. Thanks for the support that you all give me!

 Chau Chau! 
 Elder Nate Pendleton

 Pic of me by a mysterious gate out in the middle of nowhere...

Picture of Me and C

A panorama pic of wild Formosa...

Elders and Sisters singing in the Formosa Stake Choir

A cool license plate a guy down here gave to me...


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