Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My new companion likes cars like I do! I am super busy, but so far so good!

Hey, Everyone,

     This week has been a little crazy, but anyway so my new companion is Elder Ashby, He is from Riverton Utah. He speaks Spanish way better than I did when I got to Argentina and he is way more relaxed. I have had a million things to do this week. I have to teach other missionaries and I gave a talk in church. It has been nice to teach Elder Ashby what I know because it helps me see how much I have learned since I have been here. I have been able to understand the people this week way better too. Things are going well so far. I have a Training as a District Leader this week in Resistencia.

     I also have found out that Elder Ashby loves cars a ton, so we get along pretty well. He was known in the MTC as the Elder who wouldn´t stop talking about cars! Haha! Anyway, I am super busy but so far so good.

      Yeah, we really made an impact on A. She shares her testimony and conversion story with everyone now! She isn´t even baptized yet! She is so awesome! We tried to go to Ms house but he wasn´t there and he lives super far away so we can´t go all the time and M is actually doing better. He has been taking fewer drugs and he doesn´t look super high anymore. He told us he feels a lot better.  

     The hail and the monkeys were cool though. Haha. I can´t believe Kai is getting back from his mission already! That is awesome! One day it will be my turn, Haha!

     So some more things that happened this week were; one day we tried to get lessons and we ended up going to every person we could possibly think of from one end of our area to the other and got one lesson the whole day. We got rejected like mad! Haha! We got rained on as soon as we got to Ms house. So we just walked back and we didn´t have umbrellas so that was fun but then this nice guy picked us up and took us to our pension.

     I am still a little more of a quiet person and Elder Ashby is more out spoken so he will probably learn faster than I did. So that is pretty much what happened this week.   

Love you all!
Elder Nate Pendleton

New Companion- Elder Ashby, A and her daughter...

Elder Afane, a friend from the mission...

Some random pictures of my area here in Formosa...

Picture shared with me from Elder Afane from his area...

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