Thursday, September 7, 2017

It's getting busy and hot!!!

      Winter is starting to end here, so it is starting to get hot. Too hot! This summer we are going to die. Haha! Thank you for cleaning my car!  We cleaned even more of our pension this week, so it is, even more, cockroach free. Haha. That is very cool that you saw an eclipse and that is crazy that Houston, Texas got hit with Hurricane Harvey. I hope that they can get it cleaned up good. Nathan Loveridge is going to have fun with that! I wish him all the best. That is cool that Kai is now home. I wish I could just play with Max (Nates nephew) right now, Haha. He is sooo cute! Does he say a lot of words now? I always pray for everyone in the family every day!

Things have been good as a district leader but busy, the training for District Leader was fun. I stayed in Elder Hopkin´s pension in Resistencia, so it was fun to see him again. He seemed a little worn out but, so am I from all the responsibility I have now. The days are flying by now. I can´t seem to find time for anything. It is crazy, but I am not complaining I like when the days go fast. I also got a yo-yo from an Elder in Resistencia who said if I could fix the bearing I could have it and I did so now I have a YOYOFactory OneStar to mess around with. Anyway, the training was good and we ate some really good food after it. It is also fun to ride in the truck that the Assistants to the President have.

There is a rally race here in Argentina called Dakar you should look it up and watch it, I believe part goes through Formosa and Resistencia! It is the biggest rally race in the world and the most dangerous!

Elder Garrett Ashby is my new companions name and he is doing great! He is super relaxed and he speaks Spanish really well, already. It makes things a little easier for me, but it is different being the senior companion. The time goes faster that way, anyway. He is very hard working and diligent and he is already a great missionary. He loves more of the trucks and off-road stuff than the sports cars, but it is fun to talk to him about cars.  A, our investigator is still learning the gospel but has a few obstacles and challenges to work through. Hopefully, she will be able to get baptized.

My shoes and my good white shirts are a little bit of a different color now but not too bad, and my big suitcase is smashed to bits but it still works fine for me, so all is good. Anyway, this week went by so fast, but not much happened. It rained pretty hard and it became very hot, but we are doing well. We have a Multi-Zona next week. Also, something else that happened this week was that our toilet got crazy plugged and it was pretty gross but everything is clean and spotless now. I got a haircut today and we cleaned the pension even more so that helps, but I really need a back rub! Haha! The walking does a number on me and the other day the buses went on strike so we had to walk miles and miles to the house of our investigator. My blisters came back for a little bit but they healed up again.

 I wish I had time to tell you every little detail of my mission. I am still working on really enjoying my mission to the fullest. I am doing okay at it right now, but I seriously need to get involved in everything. Just little things like squeezing into a bus with a billion people on it, or seeing a car with absolutely no suspension will never leave my mind, Haha. It has kind of just become normal now and I don´t remember what it was like to have nice roads and nice houses everywhere. I love you and miss you and I am doing well. I am learning a lot and I have more of a desire to work hard to accomplish my dreams when I get back to Utah. I love and miss all of you!

Love you,

Elder Nate Pendleton   

The sketchy looking restaurant that everyone always eats at

 A funny jeep with a weird air intake sticking out of it! Haha!

 And pictures of the cleaned up pension 

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