Thursday, September 7, 2017

A cool experience with service...

The Multi-Zona was pretty fun. We learned some cool stuff and I had fun with all of the other Elders there. We just stayed in our area of Formosa for it. My favorite area in the mission would still be my area of Formosa or it would have to be Paso de los Libres. I have to teach the missionaries here every week and I give the baptismal interviews and a few other things, but it is getting easier, and it isn´t too bad now. The work is going really well right now and we have found a ton of new people to teach. This week went by so fast, we have just been working really hard. Things are really smoothing out in my mission. I mean, I am still really tired everyday, but the time just flies and the days all just mix in together at this point.

 My companion is doing well he is such a good missionary already, and he just loves to talk to people. He is the complete opposite of how I was when I started my mission here. It is really easy to train him because he already knows a lot.

      I finally bought a speaker for my music today. I may have bought one that was a little big, but it is cool and I will be able to use it after the mission. I also finally bought a hat for the sun down here!

 Sorry, I can´t spell in English anymore because the computers down here just say that every word is spelled wrong because they are programmed for Spanish, Haha. It is hot really here, it is going to be 102 on Thursday!

    We are still working with A. We also had another investigator come to church. His name is Juan de Dios Perez ( John of God Perez) Haha, pretty funny name but he is a nice guy. He has some obstacles to work through but he was all ready to go to church on Sunday when we went by his house to pick him up.

    Anyways, some things that happened this week were that my shower shocked me, just like Bishop Hill said it would, Haha! We had a really good Multi-zona conference. I gave a blessing to a member who is struggling with an addiction to alcohol and I had an interview with the Mission President.

   I also had a cool experience with service this week, as we were walking back from Ms house. (You remember, the investigator that we teach that lives miles and miles away). We saw these people who were struggling with their grocery bags, and we offered to carry them to their home for them, and they said yes, but It turned out that they lived way back out where we had just come from, way out by M. We lugged those grocery bags all the way back to their home, but they also said that we could come by to share our gospel message with them.

 But the really cool thing was, that on the way walking back home this dude, who had yelled at us before, called us over and was like; Hey! I am sorry that I bagged on you guys the last time I saw you come over here, about being from the United States. He was like; I saw you guys help those people and I realized that you are true missionaries of the Lord! Our service changed his mind about us! He asked us for another Folleto, (pamphlet) but he didn´t want us to teach him, but still, it was cool that he recognized us as true missionaries!

Anyway, I gotta go! I love and miss you all so much!
I hope that everything keeps going well back home. 


Elder Nate Pendleton

My Companion Elder Ashby and I on the road to Ms house
(Elder Ashby is from Riverton, Utah!)

Still on the road to Ms house,  The sign above me says: Villa Garden, where no one gets angry, united neighbors, No littering! Haha!

Dinner some Guiso we made

Some funny murals we saw

We cant forget the old truck we saw

Rock on!!!

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