Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Here comes trouble or... We got our Argentine Driver's licenses...


So, I still feel a little sick this week but anyway, this week was less busy but still busy. The end of the month with finances in the mission is just crazy!

The food that I have planned for us to eat at zone conferences have been these giant hamburgers, Haha, They are Argentine hamburgers so they also have an egg on them. Here is a picture of them, they are absolutely huge! That is Elder Tuttle and Elder Olmos, the mission APs, who work in the office with me, eating them.

Lately, I am always all over the place during multi-zonas, so I don´t get to rest much or just hang out with the other missionaries like I did before at them. Thats why you dont see me in many of the pictures that are posted on the mission Facebook site.

I get to see Elder Hopkins, my former companion a lot because he is working in the Resistencia area this transfer. It was so good to see him and also my other former companion, Elder Ashby at the conference that was held this week! Elder Ashby got his package. Will you please let his mom know that he did, okay?

Elder Hopkins is soooo great on the piano! I gave him the Princess Mononoke sheet music and it had like four flat notes in it and he just played it without even knowing what the song sounded like. It was sooo awesome!

This p-day I had to go to the bank and we also had to take a sick elder to the hospital so we are taking our p-day a little later today.

I got to drive the mission Truck today!!!!!!!!! Which means, that yes, I passed the written driving test after taking a 7-hour long course at a college here and the course that we had to take was all in Spanish! I learned a lot of new Spanish words that day! Haha!  I then had to take an on-road driving test, which went horribly! Haha. I stalled the truck right at the start, and I also found out that you can´t turn right on a red light here like you can in Utah. After many horrible crunchy gear changes, I got back from taking it, thinking. I totally didn´t pass this test, but the man had mercy on me, and the three of us that had to take the driving test had passed it!!!!! 
We all got our Argentine Drivers Licenses!!!!

Now I am just getting used to driving a manual transmission in a very busy city. Haha. It is super cool! It was thanks to all your prayers and God that I passed! The truck is a Ford Ranger 2014 with a 3.6-liter diesel engine in it. It was really weird to drive again, really weird!

 I am so glad that Cole got his mission papers in!!!!! That is so great! I cant wait to find out where he will be called to go serve. 

We are going to have a Light the World activity in the park for Christmas this year and it is going to be pretty fun. I'll let you know more about it as it gets closer.   

Yeah, mom, that is our apartment building that you had found on Google Earth.
Our apartment is the far right one on the third floor.

 The pig meat they cook here to eat is not super-good tasting, but the tongue isn´t as bad as you might think. It is a lot of peoples favorite part here in Argentina. I always told dad that I have a stomach of steel! It did not taste like bacon though, but more like a greasy pork chop.

Elder Slade got my cold from me, so I felt bad about that all week. Whatever sickness I got, seriously sucks. My head hurts all the way down the tips of my teeth. I think I may have some issues with my sinuses.  

I love you guys! I was thinking the other day that I really do have the best parents in the entire world. I havent been writing in my journal as much as I should. It is so hard to find time, but I still have written down pretty much everything that has happened to me on my mission. I have only missed a few days. I need to do better. I think the whole driving thing was the highlight of this week but other than that just a normal office week.

I love you all and miss you,


Elder Nate Pendleton

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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