Sunday, November 26, 2017

South American style Thanksgiving...

Hey Everyone,

I am grateful that Elder Slade is my new companion, He is so awesome and he helps me so much! 

Blood sausage I can´t describe the taste of it, but upper intestine really does taste like chicken, really greasy chicken! Haha!

I loved the package that you sent to me, mom and dad. Thank you soooooo much!  I love all of the ties and all of the other things that were in it. That package delivery service that you used was really fast! I haven´t had much time to mess around with the things that you sent to me in it, but I am glad I can have a little Christmas here in Argentina! I am still looking for some new boots to buy for myself from you, but to be honest I don´t even get time on p-day to go look for any. I just have to work and write to you guys at the same time because there is no rest for the financial secretary.  I have had to do more this week than I could have possibly imagined. I went and bought some new mattresses with Elder Afane and I have to go buy a bunch of other stuff like air- conditioners for the mission soon, too. This week was just really busy, like I said. I feel like death because I have also been sick and I also feel like that if I mess up with anything, there is money on the line. My trainer that was here in the office, Elder Allen went to serve his last transfer in another part of the mission so I am on my own here now. There is just not enough time in the day to do all that needs to be done. 

I am glad that you had the Elders over for lunch last Sunday. G and his dad, our investigators, are awesome and they are progressing well. We have another investigator that is progressing a lot too! We have met a lot of good people in our area. I think we could have some baptisms very soon!  As a mission, we are going to do something for the Light of the World thing, but I don´t really know what it is that we are doing for it yet. I watched the Face-to-Face Broadcast last Sunday via satellite, and it was really good.

This P-day couldnt really be called a p-day, today, we have two lessons today and then we have a lot of stuff to do in the office this morning. I have receipts and money all over my desk from the aftermath of the Multizona conference in Corrientes. The only good thing that has happened is that I got to practice driving behind the church a little bit to prepare for my Argentina Drivers License test tomorrow!  I have to take a 6-hour driving class tomorrow and then take a test to get my license to drive here, and everything is all in Spanish! Pray for me to pass!!! It is with a manual transmission too! We also had to have our blood drawn yesterday for it,  because they have to have an official document with our blood type on it.

I am glad that you got to go to dinner with Elder Ashbys mom and dad and that you are friends with them. Elder Ashby is awesome! He is one of the best missionaries in this mission. I am for sure going to hang out with him after the mission. I have had awesome companions and they all have taught me a lot.

I am glad that your Thanksgiving went well, we had an Asado at a members house on Monday for ours.

Well, I love you all! Thanks for all the love and support!

Elder Nate Pendleton

Lunch at a member's house to help us celebrate Thanksgiving... 
this was on Monday, I think... 

 Member of the church cooking the Asado, and my new companion Elder Slade...

Argentina Asado (Barbeque) ...

 Our yummy Asado, and I even ate the tongue of the pig at the end... Haha!

Elder Allen, myself and Elder Slade...

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