Saturday, November 18, 2017

New experiences like eating upper intestine and blood sausage...

Resistencia is cool, but it is kind of like a less flashy Las Vegas mixed with Portland. There are a lot of hipsters here and it is a super artsy city. It is cool but there are a lot of troubling things that happen here, too, Formosa was way more chill. I smell marijuana in the streets everyday here and the whole Argentina “kissing people on the cheeks” in greeting, is a way bigger cultural thing here, so I have been kissed on the cheeks a few times already, Haha. When they sneak attack your companion with the greeting, you can´t deny them, because it would be rude, so you kinda just have to let them kiss you on each cheek.

The ward we are in is in the middle of the city so there are not a ton of members, but the members we do have, are super awesome people. I don´t teach Gospel Doctrine on Sunday’s anymore like I did in Formosa. The people in the city of Resistencia are a little more closed off than those in Formosa.

G, is doing well. I am almost certain he will be baptized. The other two that we have been teaching are a work in progress, especially just trying to find them to teach.

(I asked him to tell me a little bit about some of the Elder’s he is serving with there in the office and to tell me a little bit about their personalities)

Elder Lloyd is a little ball of energy and a good friend. He is super short but super strong! He has done gymnastics and he can do that thing where you hold your body sideways on a pole. It is called “Flagpoling.” I actually kind of knew him before the mission from Track and Field because he did the Pole Vault.
Elder Afane is super awesome and crazy funny too! Haha. He is always making jokes and is happy. He is a good friend!
Elder Slade is super nice and spiritual. He is such a good missionary and he really shows his love for the people here.
Elder Allen as I said is nice, his personality is a little harder to explain but we get along fine.
Elder Pedernera is awesome and he has been a good friend since I served on splits with him in Curuzú Cautia.

  For P-Day we went and played a game that is like tennis but with different rules and a smaller court. It is called Paddle. Then we went to the KTM Motorcycle Store and there were super fast bullet bikes and really awesome KTM touring adventure motorcycles. I am starting to really like motorcycles since I have been here.

 Today we ate at a place called the Parillón! It is an all you can eat Asado (barbeque) with a lot of other food and ice cream and stuff. It is like a Sizzler but with the Argentine Asado, I even ate upper intestine and blood sausage, Haha! They use every part of the cow for food down here! The Parillon had super cool décor, the chairs were made of wood with super awesome leather straight from a cow, and they had a ton of cool gaucho (Argentina cowboy) stuff. They just cut the slabs of meat right in front of you and it is super good. 

It isn´t super hot yet here like it is in Formosa. They said that the package you sent me is here and that I have to go pick it up! I am going to do that today!

 I bought some sweet metal signs from this place. One is a DAKAR Rally sign and the other is a RUTA 40 Argentina sign. That is the road that goes from the top of Argentina all the way to the bottom. It is the road you would need to drive if you wanted to get to Patagonia, it is super cool. Can you send me a waffle recipe? We found a waffle maker!  

Sorry, I really didn´t take many pictures this week. Also, I cut my hair again if you didn´t notice already, Haha. I can´t find anyone here that can cut my hair right, so I just have my companions cut it all off, Haha. I don´t even care about it anymore.

 Well, I love you all and miss you and thanks for everything!


Elder Nate Pendleton

Office Elders - Myself, Elder Slade, Elder Pedernera and Elder Afane

Elder Pedernera's Birthday - 
Elder Slade, Elder Pedernera, President Patania, myself and Elder Afane

 Eating at Parillion...

 Selfie with Elder's Afane and Pedernera... 

Thanks, Elder Slade for sharing a couple of these photos!

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