Saturday, November 4, 2017

Transferred to Resistencia and hard work in the mission office...

Hey Everyone,

I just reached 3 Nephi chapter 11 again in the Book of Mormon, where Jesus comes to the Americas. It is my favorite part of the Book of Mormon. As for the missionary work, we set a date for a baptism with this guy named Facundo. I hope that all goes well with that.

Well, I seriously need to learn more Spanish, I am trying to learn more Spanish, because you kind of have to, working in the mission office. I have to talk with all of the other missionaries in the mission, with President Patania (who is from Buenos Aires, and a native of Argentina), and with the other Latino office elders.

My new companion´s name is, Elder Colby Trevor Allen, he is nice!  He is getting ready to go home from the mission and so he is training me for my job here in the mission office.

Our apartment is on the third floor of a building, deep in the city of Resistencia. The view of the city from the apartment building is really nice. I will take a picture of it and send it soon. I like Resistencia, but the people here aren´t as warm, like they were in Formosa.

My area is right in the main part of the city. The big plaza in the center of the city is also part of my area. The area is Ward 1 or Barrio 1. I live with Elder Lloyd and Elder Slade, too. So it’s the four of us in the little apartment we live in. The big city is cool, but I miss going out and seeing the cows and animals in Curuzú, eventually, I will get back out to campo.

My job in the office is pretty hard, and it is the most stressful one in the office because everything the other elders do in the office, requires money to do, so I am always doing something. My daily schedule is office work from 9 am-5pm and missionary work from 5pm-9pm. Pretty simple,  Haha.

Every day I have to make payments for the mission, keep track of all money that has been spent. There is a ridiculous amount of stuff that I do everyday, like going to banks and replacing lost debit cards for missionaries, printing things and typing things, going to the store with the Mission President to buy food for the Multizonas (Zone Conferences) ectThere is so much more I do but it is too hard to explain here. We also have a lot of meetings with President Patania. We usually share a scripture before we go out to work.
I use the computer a lot here and my soon to be companion, has a Smartphone for the work that he has to do in the office. We use a lot more technology here. I am literally working a full-time job and doing missionary work, it is sometimes tiring. I literally make the mission function. It is hard and crazy and I hope I will be good enough at it before Elder Allen leaves. I also do a lot of things with President Patanía, personally, it is an interesting change from the missionary work I was doing before.

 (The holiday of Halloween was this week in the United States so he commented on that.)

Max (my nephew) was sooo cute in his “Batman" costume, and Monte’s Halloween costume for work, looked great! I pretty much had the lamest Halloween ever, but that is fine. No me importa. (I dont care.)

I am glad that Cole got his mission papers in, I can´t wait to see where he will be called to. I can´t believe Tori McFarland and Endia Hill are almost done and home from their missions!!! That is awesome!

I love you and miss you all and I can´t wait to see you all again!

Elder Pendleton

Working with my new companion - Elder Colby Allen

Writing home on P-Day last week... (we are now allowed to wear regular clothes on P-Day!)

The mission office elders getting ready to go out for P-Day...

Elder Slade and I getting ready to ride a motorcycle, not really, Haha!

Last week's P-day...


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