Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Busy, Busy Christmas season!!!

 Hey Everyone,

         So, this week has been crazy, with all the preparation we were doing for everything! We had two Multi-zone Conferences this week, one held in Resistencia and one in Formosa. Monday we worked so long getting the conference ready for the missionaries in Resistencia that President Patania told us to stay as late as we needed to until everything was finished! He bought and brought us dinner and we were all there until 12:30 pm that night! Then on Tuesday, we had the multizona and it was crazy! You can see in that video of us singing, where one of the elders didn´t get the memo that we were not going to sing a certain part. Hahaha. After that happened everyone started laughing so much they had to cut the video of it! Haha. It was funny. Those missionaries in the other video of us were running in together as a zone. We were doing a game show thing. They did almost run me over. Haha! (These were posted  earlier on Facebook.)

         Then Wednesday we worked until 4pm and then left Resistencia for Formosa. It is about 100 miles away. I rode with Elder Tuttle in our Presidents Trailblazer up to Formosa. It was super cool to go back to Formosa! I saw a few of the members I knew from serving there. It was cool to be in my old church building. I actually got to drive in Formosa in some of my old areas and I knew all the street names and exactly where I was. It was super awesome! Then halfway through that activity in Formosa, we had to take an elder to the hospital because he was feeling super sick. I spent the rest of the activity outside of the hospital in 110-degree weather with mango trees raining mangos on me, Haha. After that, we packed everything up from the conference and drove back to Resistencia. When we got back to Resistencia, I had a headache so bad, I had to lay down, I was sooo tired! I slept really well that night. You have no idea how much stuff we had to do for these activities. I think I am slowly losing years off of my life, Haha.

        I had to put that Blanca Navidad decoration up at both multizonas this week and it wasnt fun. All those years of helping dad put up the lights on our house came in handy. President took that picture of me just after I had finished it.

         I got to hang out with Elder Ashby and Elder Hopkins at the Multizonas. Elder Ashby is such a good missionary. He was so funny at the activity. Also, Elder Ashby bought me a Hotwheels car of a Datsun 240 z for Christmas. It was awesome! I feel so bad that I haven´t even had time to buy any gifts for Christmas for my companion or friends here in the mission. I seriously need to try to do that today!!

         Saturday, we will be having our LightTheWorld activity in a park. Also, this weekend, we are going to be having transfers, which means I have to plan three meals for all of the missionaries. We don´t really get much of a p-day today, (Friday) because we have too much to do to prepare for all of the activities this weekend.

         My health is doing fine, the bug bites I got are gone now. I have lost weight in this area though, and I have had a lot of people tell me that I have.
I can´t wait to find out where Cole will be going, to serve his mission. My guess is that it will be Vancouver, Canada or somewhere in Mexico, one of the two.

         Everything went well with all of the activities that we had to do this week. I am glad everything is well with you all. I am really tired, but I have felt the strength that all your prayers have given me this week. 

Elder Nate Pendleton

The group of elders I'm lucky enough to work with, here in the office. Getting ready for the first Zone Conference in Resistencia...

Me hanging Christmas lights up....

Conference in Formosa...

Getting to meet with my old Stake President, in Formosa!
(Sorry the above picture is of poor quality, we all have red eyes in it! Haha!)

Sunset pictures out of the car window...

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