Monday, October 2, 2017

General Conference was awesome...

            We watched all of  General Conference in the Stake Center in Formosa. We watched it in English and not in Spanish. I really wish I could just repeat everything that was said to my investigators, it would help them so much, I’m sad that none of them came out to it.

            My favorite talks were:  President Russell M. Nelson: 'The Book of Mormon: What Would Your Life be Like Without it?' and Brother Tad R. Callister’s talk "God's Compelling Witness: The Book of Mormon"
It was nice to hear some truth, and not have apostasy always hitting me in the face, like it does down here! I also loved Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk: 'Be Ye Therefore Perfect — Eventually' Also, Elder Dallin H. Oaks talk:'The Plan and the Proclamation' He dropped the bomb on the world, in his talk, I loved that! I loved how he said;  “Those who are not of this world, are hated by the world.” There were so many great quotes,  I just want to use all of them in my lessons with my investigators. It is already hot here, about 100 degrees on average, but it is going to start to heat up even more! I’m so glad that you and dad got to go to Mirror Lake. I love that road,  it is so fun to drive!

            We have worked so hard this week, but our numbers are lower than ever! We had so many people cancel on us, and we don´t have anyone even close to baptism yet. Our mission president has made a change and he has said that our investigators only need to go to church twice before they can be baptized, so that will help. That is awesome that Landon Anderson got home from his mission, and that Cole was ordained as an Elder this week. I hope Cole chooses to go on a mission, that would be sweet.

            My mission has helped me to live on my own and to really understand the purpose of our lives, and that is, to live the gospel and follow the leaders of the church and Christ. I also learned that being lazy is not okay! I just have so much drive to follow my dreams and work hard in my life now, because if I can do this mission, I can do anything!
I love the gospel and it is such a blessing in my life, and I was so lucky to be born into it. I don´t know what I did before this life to deserve the life I have now, but I sure am blessed.

             Sorry, I really don´t have many funny stories of what happened to us this week. It was a pretty boring week, but I will send you what pictures I can.  I miss and love you all!

Elder Nate Pendleton

Bad Quality Picture of us watching General Conference...
Taken from Elder Ashby's Group email.

The picture of the tattoos on my face was of us messing around after an activity.  We got this gum that had the funny fake tattoos in them. Haha! It was super funny, everyone had them all over, Haha.

Also, we saw this sweet Nova with a Body Kit, Haha.

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