Monday, June 19, 2017

My First Baptism!

Hey, everyone!

            Things are still good here in Argentina. This week I was asked to baptize a child in the ward who turned 8. It was awesome!! 


I also had some very spiritual lessons this week! We had the most spiritual lesson I have ever had with P and her daughter. It is one of those moments where you have to be there to understand how powerful the Atonement and the Book of Mormon really are! At the end, I’s prayer was soooo good and soooo sincere. I have never had a lesson that good! It was so amazing! They accepted a baptismal date, P just needs to quit smoking.

            The Hermanas investigator, Country, is awesome! He calls me Johnny Cash, still, Haha!  So, we got offered marijuana a couple days ago. The dude that offered it to us was sooo stoned! He was like, “Oh, you are from Arizona. Elder Hopkins is like, “Yeah, it is in the United States, and then the dude was like,” Noooo, you don´t know what you’re talking about, Arizona is in Asia” Hahaha, We then gave him a Word of Wisdom booklet, Haha! Hopefully, he reads it!

             I have been on my mission for 5 months already, as of yesterday, so that was cool! I gave a talk in church this week, my testimony has really grown a lot out here! The choice I made to go on a mission is the best choice I have made in my life, but there are still some days it is really hard to think about how long I have left and also about how much I still have left to learn.  

Gotta love those selfies!

            My companion, Elder Hopkins has this gift of just being friends with anyone, anywhere. He is an amazing hard working missionary. We truly get along well. He is so amazing at the piano!!! He shreds, the piano, he is crazy good!

           Tomorrow, we get to go meet with President Franco for a Multi-Zone Conference before he leaves to go home from the mission! He has been a great Mission President.

            I love you all and I hope all is good back home! I love hearing from all of you!  


Elder Pendleton


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  2. This is Brother Pei. Thanks for the amazing story. I wish all youth from our ward can read what you wrote. It seems endless of what you still need to do to learn everything. That may be the long term goal. But tackle short term goals may be more important. Stringing these short term goals together may turn it into completion of long-term goals. Stay safe and may God answer your supplications and strengthen you beyond measures.