Thursday, June 15, 2017

The rain finally stopped and the sun came out!

  Hey, everyone,

Everything pretty much stayed the same here this week through all the transfers. I will be staying here in Formosa and keeping my same companion, Elder Hopkins. The new Mission President is here and so is President Franco, still. The baptism we had scheduled this week was amazing! I am so glad Gloria was able to get baptized! Our other investigators are doing well, also. We finally were able to get some lessons in because the sun came out! No one wanted to talk while it was raining, but then the rain stopped and we got a ton of lessons, so things are picking up!

The food here is great but they drench everything in oil! Haha. We are going to make hamburgers this week and we have made french fries a few times, we also make pasta a lot! This week I am going to try cooking some different things, but the member meals here, are awesome! This week the Florez family made like a billion Empanadas! I ate so many! Haha. They told us to eat them all until they were gone, haha. It was so good!  

The members here are great and most of them are converts. There are a lot of inactive members here too. But there are a lot of awesome people that do go to church.  We always offer service to everyone, but everyone says ´´no that's okay´´ We almost got to help someone move this week but then they didn´t end up moving. Service is hard to get here, but we did shovel some sand for this one guy, so that was good. 

We have all sorts of stuff happen to us when we teach whether it is Micheal Jackson playing really loud across the street while we are teaching or drunk guys kissing their tattoos.
We get a lot of people saying " I am Catholic " every day here, haha.
I have learned that, If the Mormon church wasn´t true there is not another religion on the earth that is! Haha. But, I do know the Church of Jesus Christ is true! and The Book of Mormon is proof and the more I read it the more it testifies to me that this church is true!

I have learned that I am a super shy person and it is hard for me to make small talk but once we get into the lesson I am in the zone and I can testify like crazy! I am a very straight to the point kind of person, I don´t like to beat around the bush. I think I get the point across pretty well. I am learning of the blessings that come from living like God wants me to.

We met this investigator of the Hermanas (Sister Missionaries) at church and he changed his name to Country, Haha, because he loves country music sooooo much! We sat there and talked about Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson and John Denver, forever. He was awesome!

 Also let Amy Carbine know that she cuts hair better than the entire country of Argentina, haha!

We had divisions and I went to a different part of Formosa Capital. Out there, were these Government houses and they are all the same house over and over and over and they are all like 15 by 20 feet so they are tiny! It reminded me of the neighborhood in
 Edward Scissorhands, Haha!

The mission is destroying my body! Without hot water, my face is dying out from shaving and I feel like I am being rapidly aged out here, haha. I have probably lost hair and I need to work out harder or I am going to get squishy! I am just so worn out. I hope my body can hold up and my hair stays in, haha.

I finished reading 2 Nephi this week so I am still going strong reading in the Book of Mormon.   Anyway, I think the mission is teaching me a lot I just hope I don´t come back bald and ugly, haha! Thank you for your support! Love you all!


Elder Nate Pendleton

Filling up the font...

G's Baptism...

Grateful for the sunshine!

Hurrah for Israel!!!

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