Sunday, August 26, 2018

Working hard, lots of potential, new experiences and a spiritual prompting that might result in a baptism soon!

Hey Everyone,

Yeah, so the weather wasn´t so bad this week but yesterday the temperature did drop like crazy! I cant believe it is almost September! This week I have been able to focus on the positive and my prayers have been answered a lot because of it this week. For example, I had worked so hard this week we taught and taught and walked and walked. We even skipped our studies to work on some days because I just wanted people to come to church.  I prayed and prayed that someone would come to church this last Sunday and we had 5 investigators in church! The most I have ever had in the mission! I was so grateful for the blessing that Heavenly Father gave to me. We finally had success! We also had more lessons in one week than I have ever had! We had 22 lessons this week and we found 16 more new people to teach and we now are preparing a few people to be baptized this weekend! C.B. is the son of a member and he is for sure going to get baptized. We had a Family Home Evening with him and he came to church and he really likes rock music so we get along really well. That reminds me that last night I played the guitar for some investigators. I was a bit rusty but I managed to play two songs.  

The other people that came to church on Sunday all have a lot of potential especially M., but we could probably baptize all of them if we really work super hard. To be honest, A. could get baptized but I don´t know if he is ready. He just wants to be a member to get help from fast offerings and he only comes to church if someone comes to get him and he doesn´t really understand what we teach. We will see what happens. I guess if he wants to get baptized he can, but he needs to understand the commandments first. I am excited to train this next transfer. Transfer week is September 2nd or 3rd. I think I will be writing on the Tuesday of that week, but I am not sure. I might be in Resistencia when I get to write to you.

So, funny story about J. and the pastor of the evangelical church. Our mission president told us that we could go visit our new investigators J.s church with him, so this week we went to the evangelical church on Tuesday night. It was an adventure! It was very different from anything Ive ever experienced.  So what ended up happening is that my companion taught the pastor the restoration lesson, he was a nice guy, but he had his own views about religion.  
Afterwards we celebrated the Pastors birthday with empanadas and cake. All the people that spoke in the meeting talked about us as missionaries and all the good things we do in spreading the gospel and that we all need to go out and find those people that are in need, so that was funny that the evangelical church recognized us Mormon missionaries in their talks. We just went there to support our investigator and if president said we could go we thought we might as well! We also taught the Book of Mormon to everyone in the church while sitting and eating the empanadas because they had a lot of questions for us about it. I will never forget that experience ever! I took a picture of the inside of the church. It helped me to see the background of some of our investigators and to also see where they are coming from as we try to teach them the gospel. I  feel that I can teach and relate to them better knowing how they do their kind of church meetings. They are totally different from ours!

So, Elder Harris just called me and said that the kid Brian, that we found in Resistencia when I had that spiritual prompting to go back into the passage way and to contact that house, is getting baptized soon!!!! I knew there was a reason we found him! So, that is cool!

There are not any conferences coming up soon just our transfers, so Eduardo Reyes just called me from Buenos Aires and he gave me two referrals to go to visit here in Clorinda! 

Anyway, so other things that happened here are: I ate cow tongue and at another house I ate cow utter! Haha! Also, this week I made a mistake with my Spanish and when a lady said her name, I didn´t understand and in my attempt to say what she said, I accidentally said M. and instantly I realized NO! How did that word come out? Haha! Mmeans the S word in Spanish. I called a lady the S word! Freaking Spanish, sometimes! Haha. I couldn´t believe that I had said that!  Also, one of our investigators had an electrified tennis racket to kill mosquitos. Lets just say I have never had so much fun in my entire life!!!!  There are way too many mosquitos in Clorinda! Haha! Anyway, I love you and miss you all!

Elder Nate Pendleton 

My companion, Elder Perez and I working hard!

 The Evangelical church we visited...

A sign from home, it's "Delicate Arch" in the sunset!

Sharing the light with others.... the sunset here in Clorinda!

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